Great Golf Shots – US Tour I

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See a compilation of some great golf shots – and by the way: Should you be a university student and also a good golfer, then check out my other videos! We ar…


StudentsMatchplay says:

dont underestimate the vast amount of time that goes into cutting and editing. perosnally i like all shots and i shooting of scratch

JohnGee1977 says:

Excellent work. Thanks!

colric0 says:

it was ur mom music

Sathoff says:

I was just gonna post the same thing… Would’ve been great vid now its just good…

pro11ace says:

i agree, the whole idea of chipping is to get it close and if you happen to get lucky you save a stroke by holing out.

pp5p says:

good shots

Danny Milly says:

well cmon man, the whole idea in chipping is not just to get it close, most people will try to hole it, but they will try to hit it so if it misses it only goes at the most 3 feet by. but u hav a point

pro11ace says:

most hackers try to hole it and end up going 20 feet past, the only time you would try to hole it-all or nothing-is in match play when it doesnt matter what your next shot looks like

liebs2007 says:

17 inches past is preferred by some teaching pros

Danny Milly says:

depends how far out u are, if ur about 20yards, 17inched wuld be a very gud shot

StudentsMatchplay says:

i find 17inch pretty good

ferdi kraus says:

does anybody know the name of the song…??

larrybud says:

I don’t get it. Chip shots that don’t go in? Those are “great” golf shots? Dime a dozen on tour.

janusbeckham says:

John Daley!!!!!!

janusbeckham says:

whaha you can’t do it!

ferdi kraus says:

whats the name of the song ??

Taffstar says:

Come on ppl!! whats the names of the song, heard it before just cant put my finger on it

TOTOfanNOR says:

larrybud, you are right:P those shot aint that hard.. made many of those.. do any of you play golf.. if not.. keep quiet.. you dint know.. bad movie btw..

HenrySosenite says:

who wants to watch videos on Youtube of shots that don’t go in?

keefgan89 says:

ok u go and get as close as any of them shots

smackdatutube says:

little brick learn how to spell

zenbarista says:

i really wish we would see that david duval again – what a great swing.


I play golf
Im 15 and i have had 2 holes in one
and theyre not easy.
To get that close is a great achievement.
Those guys are earning millions a year to play golf so they seem to be doin better than you!
Good Movie Congrats!!


see my vid on tiger

SPORT158 says:

Very Good Video!
And Greatest shots!

rgmmiller93 says:

What song is this?

oambro says:

That has to be Freddy Couples at 2:05 Such a beautiful, effortless swing.

rgmmiller93 says:

Love the celebration at 1:27

pipesvolleyball says:

u were better off making a david duval compilation but nice song and clips for the most part

mihapiha1 says:

I like the video, but I enjoyed the first 30 seconds the most…

Yesum1123 says:

The Shot At 3:23 is far by the best

hellomoto2w says:

HAHAHA 1:28:D:D i love it

Vincent Labarbera says:

David Duval is easily the whitest man on Earth.

kuneckid05 says:

The guy at 2:35 looks up before he strikes the ball !! strange thing to do in golf + hit a good golf shot

italianboy4ever says:


OliverAdam77 says:

thats what she said

northvalleynews says:

I cannot stand that ugly dude Tiger –

Jodrizzy says:

bugs bunny wasent under the green for most of these

Golfshots2doathome says:

Awesome shot! Can I share that on my channel? I am mad about golf!

wordonfirevideo says:

Please change the music!

William P says:

stupid fuckin music

ZongTrip420 says:

Music = horrible

noodynoodz says:

cool vid duvals the man, wow old video g!

Brett Campbell says:

My left ear enjoyed this video.

R3configur3d says:


StrandedMonkey42 says:


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