Great Golf Drill For Golfers Club Delivery

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L Hgn says:

What a great drill…lol

Mark Crossfield says:
Andy M says:

Lower body doesnt get a chance to move at all zero power.

L Hgn says:

Seems like you’d be able to mirror the back of the left hand with the
clubface as a swing thought.

Kane Dyer says:

Mark when u make comments such as” what people call chicken wing” “over the
top” in to out” “casting” is this to separate yourself to be different and
create a persona of being a guru or do not agree with the terms and why?
And what would you call it ?

Tom Hobbs says:

Follow this channel regularly- Mark, great analysis as usual! Do you never
take a day off?

Bogeys and Birdies Golf says:

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itubeutude says:

why do people have short backswings?

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