Good Golf Swing Lesson

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Iain Thomson says:

Love the videos. Discussion between the two of you is conversational and
enlightening. Thank you!

Dave Spencer says:

I would be happy with your swing, to be playing to 23 your putting must be
really bad

Alex Bliss says:

This guy plays off 4 and bashes it a mile. Had him on a launch monitor at
my university. Scary long.

eddie Butt says:

I’m the guy in the video, I play off 6, there is no weak part of my game

will minton says:

So interesting to listen to 

Courtland Henigan says:

Are you going to make a app for BlackBerry z10 soon 

Drew Robbins says:

Unless he’s eating prawn cocktail crisps on the course no amount of
coaching is going to help. Fact.

Bernard Rooney says:

The only thing i would say he suffers from would be his hips firing to
quickly. It would lead to snap hook or a complete block out to the right.
But cupped wrist is nothing I have more of a cup wrist but my face angle is
parallel to my forearm and I return the club square to the ball at impact.
Look at Dustin Johnson he hyper extends his wrist the other way which by
General terms in golf is ment to be completely wrong. But if you can return
the club down to the proper impact position consistently every time why
would you change it no matter what the swing was like. 

Daniel Barron says:

haha ripper!

C B G Swan says:

Obviouser..? lol :P

Shane B says:

Mark, great video. I have access to a launch monitor at my practice
facility (PGA Super Store sells yearly memberships). I know in a lot of
your videos you talk about numbers on the GC2, trackman, etc. Can you do a
video explaining the important data points from a launch monitor, and how
the average golfer (non-pro) can use that data to improve their game.

Jeffrey Patacsil says:

5:53 steve almost hit your launch monitor :l

James Heaton says:

Buzza Magic?? No. #lockeymagic ?? #yesplease haha

Dave Heaton says:

Mark and Steve, spot on again IMHO – I’m not a pro but you would think
that this level of swing would surely be more about performance on the
course and where he suffers as opposed to micro managing a good swing. Like
you said, does he suffer when the wind is up, or is it his short game or
something which is costing strokes. Keep the advice coming though guys,
I’ve learnt LOADS watching these videos (I’m still crap though ha).

Adam Sewell says:

Anyway people can send in multiple camera angles of their swing within the
app to give you more information to work with? Also, a comment section
expressing the things that they are having trouble with? Just think this
will make the app stand out even more that it already does, thus having
more people purchase it. Just an idea. Cheers

straight True says:

He’s no Eamonn Darcy !
I’d like to know if this vid was shot during a round on a course?
Doesn’t look like a range to me. If it is a round, then he seems to be off
the left side of the fairway ( maybe he pulls it a lot ).
If he is teeing off, then i’d remind him of the penalty for hitting your
own equipment should you continue to place it in front of you ( golf bag ).
#Buggytime One of the funniest moments I’ve seen on a course ” hole’d
it,………. four “

Torkil Mollan says:

So, Mark, uhm… Where can I get a launch monitor when nearby pros don’t
use them? Can you lend it to me, or get foresight to start with giveaways?
Maybe you can buy a new one and just happen to throw the old one you have
in an addressed package to me? #hatelivinginnomansland

Jason Dias says:

Great video. It’s worth pointing out that I think some people just want to
be told their swing is good. This player was could be looking for a
confidence booster. “Mark Crossfield looked at my swing, and he said it was
great!” that’s a great way to boost someones confidence, or positively
reinforce what they might have already thought.

Digby Howis says:

my issue is finding a golf pro with a launch monitor of any kind!

whogg0521 says:

I really enjoy your videos anyway, but I am thoroughly enjoying your joint
analysis with Steve.

Teis Bolduc says:

Hey Mark, just an idea for an update of the iPhone/iPad/Android app.

When people send their swings, they should be able to write a note saying
what they struggle with (slice, hooks, duffs, thins etc.), & perhaps what
they think they are doing wrong.

This would make it easier for you to analyse/give feedback on their swings,
& make it more educational for the ones sending the swing & all of us :)

Michaud Venant says:

Mark, I agree, get measured, but, 🙂 if it was me, from the video, the only
thing I could toy around with is the cupping of left hand at the top of the
swing which I could flatten more. I might be manipulating the face just a
little during the down swing to get the right contact. If I do it
unconsciously, knowing it could add certain shots to my toolbox or add to
the control.

Thumper15 says:

Thanks for the honesty Mark & Steve…refreshing to say the least!

3rdgroove says:

It’s time to augment your app Mr. C. Let people enter where the ball went
on that particular swing, common miss/problem, their hcp…

Spencer Steel says:

He’ll never be any good until he gets Project X 6.5s tipped 3/4″ into those

Enough Ethan says:

Whens another course vlog coming?! 

Oni Link says:

Mark, can you please tell me how to twirl/spin that club?

Mark Crossfield says:

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