Golf Training to Lower my Handicap

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Close This is a Golf Progress April 2011 update. I’m at a point in my development where I need to start focusing on my technique if I want to drastically improve. I’m getting all I can out of my current full swing. My short game continues to improve thanks to advice I’m getting and some solid practice, largely away from the course.


Radu Blaga says:

nice good golf swing A+++

jamierocks42 says:

any tips on inproving my distance on my irons? i have a 8-10 handicap i can drive 300 average and my 3,4 pw i hit well but my middle irons i have issues keeping a good distance im a taller man 6’3 or 6’4 area any tips?

golfprogress says:

I would check that your clubs are properly fitted, particularly the lie angles. Anyone that tall likely needs longer irons that are also more upright than standard.  What is the flight pattern of your midirons?

jamierocks42 says:

my clubs were specioly made there 2 1/2 inches longer then normal mens sizes and they seem to work better.i just got them and have only used em a few times but i still have the same problems with my middles no matter the set =/ i will get the specs and reply soon thanks 🙂

golfprogress says:

Give me your carry distances with all your clubs, maybe your’e not hitting the midirons as short as you think.

jamierocks42 says:

driver : 305 average
3 iron 210
4 iron 195
5 iron 140
6 iron 120
7 iron 180 (makes no sence but true)
i rarly use 8 and 9
wedge- i am amazing with this club and i have great back spin and controll i hit it hard 120 ish

golfprogress says:

There must be something wrong with your 5 and 6 irons or you don’t hit them solidly perhaps? You need to have a pro watch you hit all these clubs and see what they say about the 5i and 6i because that makes no sense whatsoever

jamierocks42 says:

yea its a real hastle since i cant hit those 2 key irons it cost me 2-4 strokes a round =/ i also get alot of questioning on how i hit my 7 so far which makes no sense ether =/

tfrenn says:

You know, when I look at your swing the one thing that sticks out is that your back swing looks short. Like you aren’t making a complete back swing. Have you taken any personal lessons ?

Jake McNulty says:

Your swing is fine, you can play scratch or better golf with your technique. Develop a dependable routine and just go play some golf!

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