Golf Tips – What Powers the Golf Swing?

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Click Here for More Golf Tips: Buy Swing Speed Radar Launch Monitor Here In this video you’ll find out where the power comes from in your golf swing. This is not like other golf tips that have you working on holding your lag angle or swinging as hard as you can as you’re driving the ball. This swing tip explains that the power isn’t solely coming from the hands and arms. You have to also learn how to your body to power your swing. Once you do you will see that the combination of the whipping action from your hands and arms connected with the rotational speed of the body can produce shots with more power than you can imagine. I know there are people out there who think don’t need your legs in your golf swing. In some instruction they try to prove their point by getting down on their knees and hitting a ball. In these golf tips they explain that they can hit great shots without using the lower body. This is true. You can hit good shots off your knees but you can hit better shots if you use your legs. Although the hands and arms are responsible for creating the whipping action of the club, they have to be connected to something. This something is your body that is turning. Don’t believe me? Try hitting a ball without turning your shoulders. If you did you couldn’t hit it anywhere. So we have to turn our shoulders in the golf swing. If this is the case we should be trying to turn the shoulders as fast as we can. This is done by using your


paulwilsongolf says:

I’m glad he passed this tip along. I truly hope more people see it and start powering their swing with the lower body.

paulwilsongolf says:

I love hearing about how my tips are helping. Keep at it.

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate the comment. Please pass it on if you can. There are so may people who need help with their swing.

alvinajamee279 says:

this video has help me somewhat… I truly recommend it… Happy golfing!!!

aleshiadaniele271 says:

Good analysis !

Thibault Godart says:

Thanks a ton for the video.

Romain Fabre says:

This improved my impact and I got a birdie on a par 4 and I’m 13 this vid does help

Megane Roubion says:

thanks alot, great golf instruction tips
, maybe finally I can get a hand of my swing..

Bertrand Chevat says:

Hey Paul, great video. Awesome tips for setup and great suggestions for keeping body in check. Thanks for the great golf swing tips !

Margaux Fortin says:

Thanks for the quick lesson! I’m starting my first real lesson tomorrow! Wish me luck 😉

Auriville Faubert says:

One of the best golf instruction lessons.

Bellamy Beauchemin says:

Great info and what a sweet swing.
Thanks for the knowledge and look forward to
more great golf instruction tips .

Iamsigmonde says:

Your series of videos are THE BEST! As a long time golfer (10 index), your clear instruction has helped me a lot to improve. Anyone, novice or experienced will benefit from your instruction. Thanks!

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you very much.

paulwilsongolf says:

Thanks. I appreciate it. Keep at it. New tips coming in the future.

paulwilsongolf says:

You’re welcome.

paulwilsongolf says:

Fantastic. Keep watching these tips and you will keep improving your swing.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you liked it. Thank you very much.

paulwilsongolf says:

I’m glad you liked it. Thanks. 

paulwilsongolf says:

Good luck. Just take it one step at a time.  The golf swing is a simple move but unfortunately we make it complicated.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you liked it. Thanks. These are very important point in the golf swing. More tips coming in the future.

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you very much. I try to keep it simple and explain it in a way the people get it. Understanding the swing is half the battle.

Frederik Aasted says:

Hej Paul, this is Frederik from Denmark. (17 years old)
I’ve almost just started to golf i got my license to the “big court/18holes”, for 3½ week, and my hcp is 33.
What are you using in this video – 3wood, driver or what are you using?

Thanks for your videos. I know this will help me 🙂

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your feedback.

paulwilsongolf says:

I am hitting a driver in this video. Keep at it. The swing takes a little while but with a little practice you should improve rapidly.

Casey Turnbaugh says:

Mr. Wilson is that a nunchuck shaft?

paulwilsongolf says:

No it’s an Oban Kiyoshi. Great shaft to lower the spin rate.

William Combs says:

Excellent video. Is there a chart or table that relates distance to clubhead speed? How much speed is needed to carry 200 yds?

yblanco says:

Hi Paul.Great videos.After years of swinging with my arms I see your principles are valid. When I first tried the change was amazing.But after few times I feel I’m back where I was.It is hard to feel lower body rotating.I’d like some advice on how to trigger the downswing.I get the feeling even if I fire my lower body,my shoulders are turning over the top,my right elbow is not falling in the slot and my swing plane is off.I’m definitely casting as opossed to feel the lag.Thanks for the advice

xjustfaceitx says:

hey great video Paul. I’m off 13 and recently have lost my driving height. the ball hardly gets off the ground! could you do a video on how to get a better trajectory? many thanks

Kaveesh5 says:

now m gonna burn the entire fairway!!! hahaha….

paulwilsongolf says:

There is a chart that comes with the Swing Speed Radar. I don’t have it with me at the moment. I would think you can find one online.

paulwilsongolf says:

Turning the arms of is tricky. Here is how to get it: Simply hit 2/3 or 3/4 distance full swing shots with your clubs (example 7 iron 100 not 150 doing a full swing). By doing a full swing at less distance you have to start taking the arms and any hitting out of the swing. Once you get used to this easier swing with no arms you speed up the rotational speed of your body to hit it farther. Feel the legs hitting it not the arms. Using the lower body will allow the right elbow to tuck etc.

paulwilsongolf says:

I have these videos on my Ignition Golf website. Just take the FREE trial to get access then decide if you would like to join. Go to Ignition Golf (dot) com

Casey Turnbaugh says:

Mr. Wilson the more I try to initiate the swing with my legs and relax my arms and wrists the more the ball goes high and right. I hit a ton of pushes and push fades the more relaxed I swing. My swing speed goes up, but so do the pushes. How can I hit draws and close my club face with out tightening up my arms and wrists?

wesbilly says:

good advice, I was taught by a long ball hitter that said be inactive below the waist. I was hitting them 270, 280, until my back gave out. now I coil and uncoil. no back pain, and I hit them consistently 250.

ruddell6 says:

thankyou paul you have helped me so much i have started to hit more consistently

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad I could help. Thanks.

paulwilsongolf says:

You want the lower body stable in the backswing. Once coiled you should be uncoiling with the lower body.  No back pain is a good thing. Keep at it.

paulwilsongolf says:

You are driving the hips way too hard. Keep the arms turned off. Swing slow and get used to this new feeling. Then speed up the body rotation a little.  Get used to this speed. Then turn it up another notch and so on. You are trying to run before you can crawl.

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