Golf Tips tv: Driving the ball Long & Straight

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iGolftv says:

Awesome feedback, i love helping players get quality information. dm

shahrom78 says:

looks good.gotta try it soon..

Abi Sampath says:

Dave, thanks for this! I took this to the range today and was hitting the
ball much straighter and farther. Usually, I’m trying to control my power
because I’m afraid of turning my power fade into a complete slice. Thinking
about getting myself into an athletic posture – basically no one should be
able to “push me over”, and extending to reach the ball, allowed me to
really put my weight into the shot. The good hits were really good, and the
misses weren’t bad at all. Cheers mate!

iGolftv says:

@Liamrox463 Yeah your exactly right Liam there has to be a certain balance
between having room & not over stretching…… However i tend to find that
the majority of players are not athletic enough in there set up and
experimenting with having more room helps them to at least get the feeling
of space, i’d rather a little stretch than to close. keep watching dm

SvvaqqerHD says:

Wow i just went outside to try this and I hit the ball really far and
straighter than a String! Thanks for the help!

Michelle Tan says:

i will try this when i hit the range this week. seems like it might be
something i am missing…all this while.

skellhead900 says:

But then theres always the freaks like me that swing exactly how u say not
to… and hit it straight and far…. :p

Niko Garofalo says:

Ive been golfin for only 5 years, im 17 years old and my average on 18 is
an 85… i hit great irons and my short game is good, but my problem is i
can launch the ball off the tee with my driver but my slice is terrible,
ive tried many things.. i need halp! aha

prorobo says:

Hi Dave, I have a problem with not extending my arms out on my follow
through. I kind of cut across the ball instead of completing my swing. My
last lesson my instructor actually pointed it out and tried to help but to
no avail since we ran out of time. What advice and drills would you give to
fix this?

voiceofuniverse12 says:

thank dude for the help

iGolftv says:

@Gabesly Explanation part 1 Swing path combined with club face angle at
impact controls the ball flight, practice swinging the club with very
little thought on actual technique on a couple of different paths back and
through with different club face angles.

qdE uä says:

@iGolftv Thanks for analysis of my golfswing I appreciate it though that
was not my best swing I think and my swing looks better now. I will try to
work on the things you mentioned. Take Care

korvertje123 says:

Hey Dave, thanks for this great video! I’m a 15 year old handicap 3 player
but I wasn’t feeling good with the driver, now I’m hitting them super
straight with an average of about 275 yards, with balls over the 300 yards!

iGolftv says:

@Nik0MG Hey man read and follow the same advice as i gave Gabesly about
swing path and learning to shape the ball. dm

iGolftv says:

@Taylormademad Balance brother

Ross Huchingson says:

This helped me so much

John Lawless says:

I will certainly give this a try. However your back swing crosses the
target line. Having to reach for the golf ball may be your way of
compensating for the hook you would have if your arms were closer to your
body. There is no reason you can’ t have an athletic swing with the arms
closer to the body….keeping an arm to body “connection”.

BrucieLads98 says:

God dammit auto correct

Tom Watkinson says:

Great tip

teenblues says:

thanks for this great tip! I “cross the line” at the top of my swing and
miss right because my club comes too far from the inside on the downswing.
I notice that your club points right to the target at the top 2:35 as well,
do you have any tips on how I can still hit straight with such a swing?

BrucieLads98 says:


Bill MCAULEY says:

Makes total sense when yo think about , nice ..i will give it a try !

frank dux says:

there is always room for improvement but you clearly came on her to check
out the guys package has ass and his shaft

RODDEE34 says:

i saw watched this video and i thought that i have to try this but maybe it
isn’t enough to fix my slice, i went to the range immediately and i was
stunned how good it actually worked, now i just have to get used to it.
THANKS ALOT, it really helped me alot!

Paul Davis says:

Awesome tips!

eddie T says:

this steven talley from california. i’ll tell ya, everyone has always told
me to get close to the ball and it just doesn’t work for me cause of me
bellie is to big and i’m a baseball player from birth. so, this stlye is
working just great and i’m swinging around witch closes the clubhead at
impact, stopping those right draws.

blackops617 says:

Hello Mr. Marsh, i have a question. I’m 15 years old and have just recently
gotten back into using my driver. I noticed a couple years back that every
shot i hit with the driver went to the left, and then curved back to the
right. I never knew what i was doing, so i just compensated for it and
never fixed the problem. Now i can hit straighter and at about 290 yards,
but even then it goes from left to right. Do you know what i may be doing?

Tony Martin says:

this isnt golden hills ocala? i dont ever recall there being mountains in
the backdrop. in fact, i actually recall pine trees

iGolftv says:

@f0cusen I’m always trying to improve myself so thanks for the feedback !!
Is there a video of your swing anywhere?? would be good to see, maybe i
could help with any tips for you too.laterz dm

kingdombroadcasts says:

This tip helped me break 90. I was hitting 103 prior to this tip.

iGolftv says:

@shahrom78 Let us know how you go man !!

iGolftv says:

@Dezezez1 Sweet….how’s your wedge game from 130 and in my son???????

amadan34 says:


qdE uä says:

@iGolftv @iGolftv Sorry if I came off as being rude there Actually there is
and I would be grateful if you could give me a few tips. I appreciate what
you are doing teaching others how to improve their game your tips have been
useful to me. Though this video is old and I’m currently working on new
things, made my first hole in one with backspin and shot 74 today!!!:D
Write this to find the video “Rate My Swing with my 3 wood”

Isaac Bajema says:

He looks like hes humping

Kenneth Bass says:

This video made more sense to me than alot of others I’ve watched. I’m
going to practice this tomorrow.

redd7188 says:

Best Golf Coach on the Tube

Andrew Miller says:

He didnt slice it. The fairway was in that direction..

TheMystery22 says:

You sliced both drives…

Fred Server says:

Remember, you can stand too far away as well as too close…. the essence
of the lesson is to stand in a powerful position. And… practice practice

neil p says:

Loved that tiger comment very cheeky

Rick Picky says:

Great shot

The Coach's Desk says:

This tip works great!!! Thanks DM

Lucas Sommer says:

I think this video would be better without music. 

Rick Picky says:

Great shot

Thomas Holdsworth says:

on the 2nd replay of 2nd shot why did you replay your first drive?

The 19th Hole at GotGolfGifts says:

I am a slicer and I found this helpful today at the range with my driver.
Definitely worth checking out. 

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