Golf Tips : Tips for Improving the Follow-Through

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In golf, the swing and a proper follow-through should be the goal, as opposed to merely making contact with the ball. Learn about turning to finish a golf sw…


Hieu Dinh says:

I like this video very much, the concept of swinging the golf club, with
the ball on the club face is absolutely great, I am sure that this changes
the shape of a swing. thanks for taking the time to make this video.

golfnutster says:

I like this concept.

eddie Butt says:

great mental tip, never heard this before

someguy92172 says:

i love this video

37zmanlake says:

To help the student, he swings right handed. He is actually left handed.
Pretty damn good right handed swing if u ask me.

Tom Ducey says:

you have an awful swing..

warawutzz1 says:

It mean” think that ball on the club face since start of the backswing
,isn’t it “

sugarcar says:

@SmidRoy same here, changed my view of the swing instantly

dbasrus says:

Haha, often say to myself “there is no ball” as I start my swing. Seems
there’s method in that. I like the idea of visualising the ball stuck to
the face. I’ll be trying that. Thanks!

Kåre Marius Lunde says:

Very very good

Mox_au says:

great idea, i’ll try this

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