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cobbine says:

I like it, will try it next time

jimbones says:

Excellent. I used this technique (along with using your shoulders to follow through) when i went miniature golfing and I shot a 51 (par was 53); it was a vast improvement from my last score, a 69, which was what i shot before watching this video, that is huge.

suavelad says:

wrong grip my swing is perfect and im 10

slowmotion77 says:

great vid.

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GolfLessonsTV says:

Thanks a lot for this great video. It’s been added to the GOLF LESSONS TV!

harrisonww says:

its hard to keep straight puttin with index fingers down but otherwise good tip.

Marcos Mota says:

I improved a lot my putting with this grip

lyksroif says:

love the idiot who put this tip to use in mini golf..what a loser

rdarby66 says:

yea baby

Preston Cantrell says:

I’ve been doing the right index pointing down the grip for a while now but never thought of doing it with the left one too. It feels so much better right away. My hands feel more like one unit working together now, thanks a lot.

chilibro says:

im having some problems with my putting, im fighting a nasty pull on short ones wich i miss a majority of the time. what would be the grip to use to fix that. i do the grip where my left index finger is down the side of the shaft is this the right grip?

healthnut4life48 says:

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jaxfl2 says:

Why not try something really different. See my video. Search for ONE HANDED PUTTING.

mirekarama says:

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AaronWyatt100 says:

loved this video, thanks for posting

Anthony McMahon says:

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