Golf Tips – How To Change Your Golf Swing Plane

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Click Here for More Golf Tips: How To Change Your Golf Swing Plane If you are like so many golfers out there you do not have the corr…


David Tigue says:

Great tip but you repeat yourself 100 times.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

David. I really should repeat 200 times so then maybe people will remember what I am saying.

RollYourRock says:

I can’t remember, who first said: “DON’T MOVE YOUR HANDS WITH YOUR HANDS”?

Classic truism !!!

Paul, can a “slider” also help his cause by foot placement/alignment and weight distribution at address? 

James Bermingham says:

Repetition is the mother of Skill. Cool video Paul.

Beretta96Dan says:

Right. I see many golfers trying to use the hands and arms to try and “muscle” the ball. They just keep repeating the same swing and wonder why the are getting no distance and improving their game. Nice tip, Paul!

msifood says:

excellent….am going to try this.

wldwon says:

Excellent tips I am 50 and just started to play golf. Your explanations are easy to understand and I am a lefty and slice sometimes, now I understand why and yes say stuff 200 times so people get it I wish I lived in Vegas so I could take your class any tips on purchasing clubs

Paul Wilson Golf says:

For clubs you really need to see a clubfitter. There is a lot of personal preference and the feel of the club as well. Make sure you like it before you buy it. Maybe I’ll see you one day. Let me know if you’re in town.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

A slider can help his cause by turning the lead foot out 25-30 degrees this way it does not hurt the knee when turning. Weight distribution 50-50. Alignment is square.

Paul Wilson Golf says:


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