Golf Tips : Golf Tips for Better Iron Shots & Control

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For better iron control in golf, try using a club that may seem like it will travel too far, as most balls are hit too short. Create backspin with an iron by taking a divot in golf with help from a member of the PGA National Teaching Committee in this free video on iron shots and control. Expert: Jay Golden Contact: Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982, and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigon


yellabeast says:

@ most of you, one more club is what most amateur golfers end up needing after theyve hit it short of course.

derekgbraun says:

his irons are so nice…

MetalAsFork says:

This guy rules.

collie90 says:

that u tiger?

twotone17 says:

Check out the guys veins in his left arm! R.A.M.B.O.

custercole5 says:

you are the best!!

headieblunt says:

Why are you yelling

DanielJohnston30 says:


AWCrabbe1 says:

LearnFromGolfMasters . com
Honestly, this gives the best tips that will change your game overnight! Still using it myself!!!

Morerhys26 says:

I tried these tips and they made me ill

snowbrdr88 says:

Wow, great tips thank you!

JCook3123 says:

wow this guy reminds me of Jimmy Valvano so much

Andrew Keller says:

Thanks really helped

bigdonmega says:

How far is slightly?

kevinvc2 says:

true, how far is slightly?!?….

Mrlaissezfaire90 says:

Can someone kindly answer a question for me please-is it ok to wear a right handed golf glove if you are right handed? I know that you generally wear a left hand glove but for me it felt more comfy on the right hand which took more shock, yet my left wrist took little if any shock at all.

TigerWoodsWorld says:

its ok the glove is just to be comfortable to you and a nice grip on the glove if the right works for you go for it!

Mrlaissezfaire90 says:

@bcozigothigh The issue was not as much about shock, just the correct way to wear the glove. There was really no shock and I experienced no pain or discomfort afterwards. I grip with my first finger on my left hand between my third and fourth finger on my right hand, my right hand goes further down the club than my left, that grip has always been comfortable for me.

trulymeparker says:

Usually when i take a divot like in the vid i hit it fat. When i take a little bit of the divot and swing easy they go straight most of the time

GoodGolferMan says:

Thanks for the tip..GrooveSharpener

NDParanormal says:

ruining my f*** golf course

dailydealcaddie says:

Thanks for the tip! Appreciated!

mikegsr94 says:

That is an excellent point… Also I recommend switching it up when masturbating otherwise you get hulk arms in 1 arm… Let me guess your left handed? Jk but seriously he had a very excellent point about bottoming out and ball placement.

Emily Forgione says:

I am just learning Golf and starting a new teaching place than my first. So before, at 6am right now:p i’m tryna get in my head as much info has possible:p lol. I love Golf alot. I hope to be somewhat pro one day.!


What do you find at the end of a rainbow?

OJ’s other glove.
 I lolz so hard I fudged up a golf course by stabbing everything with a bloody glove that “Doesn’t” Fit. Golf is pretty shweet.

Abdallah AbuZied says:

@qisybyi yep. Most of my friends had this problem even with hard work no muscles were coming. Between my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. must watch this killer video methods here –>

Kane Schoff says:

“When you hit the ground, thats the divit” ………. no shit

TheBrendo220 says:

He could just be left handed in his room…

GolfTipsNow10 says:

Anyone who loves golf come check out my tips and drills

dwalsh3 says:

Think I will qualify for the US Open next year with those great tips

thejpinky says:

Very helpful!

perdycool90 says:


holynah9 says:

That first tip i reckon is bullshit i always hit to far. If im not sure i drop back a club.

Julia Hudson says:

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Peter Clarke says:

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snow1leopard3 says:

Golf is a boring, repetitive and fucking frustrating sport.

cagle argelia says:

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MenzieFrenzy says:

Snow leopard seems to be mentally I’ll. Here’s a tip why don’t you try and play a solid round of golf then decide on your opinion. I would gander that you would enjoy the sport if you tried to succeed at it.

Emmanuel Quiatchon says:

Yes , i,m sick with the mentality that clean shot s better

Kania Arini says:

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