Golf Tip: Red Zone Putting Lesson

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Close In this putting tip. Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Charlie King gives several golf putting tips to help improve your speed and direction.


DonLduk says:

great tips. thanks

daniel lawson says:

1 word for you my friend , ledgend !

David Bown PGA says:

Nice job Charlie! Will have to try this.Wish I had your weather!

RollYourRock says:

Charlie… STOP spamming my videos !!

BTW, your stuff is 2nd rate at best.

AtEboli says:

I’ve heard that analogy before- about how you wouldn’t look at the ball when you bowl or throw a baseball or aim a dart. But in all those activities, the ball (or dart) is attached to your hand. How about hitting a baseball, kicking a football, taking a shot in hockey? In all those activities, if you don’t look at what you’re hitting or kicking, you’re not going to make good contact, and your results will be very poor.

SkyScrape1 says:

Great drills

iplaygolfdotnet says:

Excellent video. You cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I feel confident in my ability to put now.

Kocktopus says:

Actually in hockey it is bad to look down at the puck. You should also be looking at the net to pick an opening rather than shooting it blindly at the goalie. You will get your bell rung too if you are caught with your head down. Good players know where the puck is on their stick and they don’t have to look at it. This also applies to one-timers (where the puck is actually moving) too. Watch an NHL game and count how many times a player looks down, you will be surprised.

Rory McLroy says:

Hello good video !! but I’d like to know if it is only a drill or I can use this on the course ?
thank’s for answer and sorry for my english 🙂

Rory McLroy says:

(for the first one )

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