GOLF: The #1 Problem In Putting – Good Putters Vs. Bad Putters

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The #1 Problem In Putting
Good Putters Vs. Bad Putters

It was an honor to film with David Orr at his home course, Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in Southern Pines, NC.

David Orr is one of the leading putting coaches in the world. His teaching method is based on research, not on theory. ‘Never guess what you can measure’ is one of his key philosophies. David’s research and teaching protocol led him to the PGA Tour where he’s worked with world-class players such as Justin Rose and Suzann Pettersen. Check out to get access to David’s personal, online putting academy and the absolute putting gold he shares there.

The best players (putters) have some specific tendencies and patterns when they MISS putts. Amateur and higher handicap players have their own unique tendencies for missing putts. In this video David takes me through the differences and how we can not only be aware of our personal tendencies when we’re missing putts, but how to best correct.


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Joel Smith says:

Great information and video with David Orr. Would love to see more on this topic as it is not covered very often when compared to full swing.

Mange Larsson says:

So thats why a lot of pros use the Anser model putter. Cause it closes later.

Scott Dixon says:

You’re making putting far too difficult.

It’s just back an THROUGH. Jeez Louise

alan carlyon says:

The problem I see with a lot of golfers putting is that they take the putterhead to far back resulting in the face being open! If you want good tips is how to putt – check out Phil Mickelson in how to keep the face square always! Short backswing and follow through to your intended line! Left hand below right helps to marry the hands when starting your back swing with the left – simple!

Just Wow says:

Im still trying to figure out what Tiger meant when said he feels like he’s hitting a draw when he putts.

Joey Arrazolo says:

Hey Eric I am a left hand lower, putter. Do these principles still apply?

Gregory Brown says:

Lot of word salad there. A little more exact putting correct vocabulary would be better.

Anoopsoni10 says:

I think he (Tiger) means swinging the putter inside to out with the trail side

brewster102 says:

I guess the ones left of Nancy break their putters if they miss

Chuck McDonough says:

Great Video on how to diagnose your putting stroke issues. The Putting Board is a great training aide that I have begun using to work on the putting plane and putter face in the stroke and have found it very helpful.

dylmarsar says:

Who else was watching the old guy in the background?

nick ehret says:

I could watch 10000 hours of this

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