Golf Swing Tips | Set Your Wrists On The Backswing

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IanPoulterFan2010 says:

all ur vids have helped me out just a little bit and THAT make all the difference.
thank you and keep the vids coming!

underdog3four says:

Superb, easy to follow, no nonsense tips that work. i’ve taken this stuff to the range, set up my camera and worked out kinks in the matter of a half hour or so. Keep them coming… Wisconsin loves these vids!

4golfonline says:

Thanks for the comments, if you want to send me video to help you with your golf swing just drop me a line. 

ved68 says:

Perfect.. Have been trying to figure this one out.. Very well explained.. Tks

michaeltillcock says:

hi, it would be great if you could look at my swing and give me some tips, can see my swing in slow-mo on my channel

beefflavouredbolloks says:

Wow, these videos are great I’ve picked up on so many issues in my swing which I’ve recently created thanks for the help.

yankeeinsurance says:

Have trouble with getting arms stuck behind me. When and how to set wrists?

mypalsdontcallme says:

how can i send you a video of my swing?

steveminla says:

This is by far my most difficult part to over come at the moment!
Thanks you for the insight ( from this video and many other of your videos )!

peartfaldo says:

Check out Nick Faldos pre set drill.  Its here on youtube. It will help you no doubt. Just type in Faldo Preset Drill and favorite it. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

peartfaldo says:

Again…check out Nick Faldos preset drill. Its here on youtube. Just type in Faldo preset drill.  IT WORKS/HELPS Good Luck.

Heath Triffett says:

faldo quit because the kids were out driving him by 100 yards on tour and his gigantic ego couldn’t take it. I’ll stick with mark thanks 😛

GlenburnGolf says:


caloyjp says:

when does the wrist start to hinge during the backswing?

rich jones says:

hi mate if you get a spare two minutes have a look at my swing videos, also how do you get more views?? thanks and good tips 🙂

Theclassiccarnut says:

need to turn hips in order to keep left arm extended.

beingahm says:

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Austin McCollum says:

Ok so I have been playing baseball my whole life and I just started picking up golf. So in my backswing I can set my hands and wrist perfectly but when I start coming through to strike the ball my right wrist won’t come back over to square my clubface. This comes from my natural inside out baseball swing, where I keep my wrists locked until after contact with the ball. How would you suggest to get my wrists to come over to square my clubface?

Groganater88 says:

did you get a reply to this as i have exactly the same problem great baseball player cant relate it to golf

Austin McCollum says:

I figured out to take my hands to my load point in my baseball swing. I set pretty much all weight on my back foot and when I do that my hands naturally swing down like I would release my hands in my baseball swing. I haven’t hot the ball better in my life. Hope this helps groganatar88

Groganater88 says:

thanks i will give it a go i smash it for miles in a lovely swinging slice into the distance never to be seen again if it went straight i know i could drive smaller par 4s

Jonathan Udechukwu says:

Sending you mine Mark! thanks! 🙂 GREAT STUFF! I love your channel and all your work.

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