Golf Swing Tips : How to Repeat a Good Golf Swing

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Repeating a golf swing is usually very easy, it’s getting a correct swing to repeat that becomes the problem. Correct your swing with help from a professiona…


benwetwolf says:

great tip, cheers. will practice this later this morning. i have a feeling i hold my breath too

orzech999 says:

nobody said that before, on youtube, even didn’t hear that from d.leadbetter videos.
is it that simple

digiw0rx says:

Excellent advice! I’ve been watching all of the vids from this guy. he’s incredible

kent6608 says:

Great tip!! I will try it

Joel Easton says:

Nice tip, hopefully this will bring me closer to having a decent swing, thanks!

TheMrmaconline says:

You can also learn from the Pros check it it’s easy. / golfpros 

Stefan Z. says:

gsus… the impact sound was made afterwards… And his Setup looks quite strange.. hands far away, knees almost locked, back bent… Much weight on the heels.. Looks a bit like moe Norman! 😀 Anyway the tip with breathing seems to make sense.. gonna try this one!

copyrights1000 says:

And if you wsnt it farther then use a tee

copyrights1000 says:


Tonya Phillips says:

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Georgia Chastain says:

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1slander1970 says:

I love this tip. I showed up to the course at 625am for a 636am tee time this weekend. I had no chance to warm up. I could have used a tip like this as my tempo (and drives) were terrible until about the 4th hole…I love how easy he swings the club and the distance he gets.

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