Golf Swing Tempo and Timing Lesson

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Jason Vasquez says:

Who has gotten fitted since the videos have been posted? Any input?

itubeutude says:

interesting video. the graph is great.

TheWeb1953 says:

Looks like a very well explained video on a very complex movement,well done.
Your drill looks like one that can be done anywhere inside or outside,which is a bonus for excuses for not doing this drill.
Thanks Mark.

TheLiqwed says:

I’m really loving the way you edit your videos now. Don’t stop 🙂

SuperMjc1987 says:

Hi Mark, love the videos. Gonna try this at the range at some point today. Just wondering tho how should your knees perform an move during a swing?

Thanks for all the help

andy cloonan says:

Great Vid again Mark, really helpful….cheers

Ferdinand Nicolas says:

Hi Mark! I’ve been following your video for a while now. Good video as usual. I just found some segments rather technical for a topic that’s very much a feel thing. Keep up the good work!

Jonsse says:

This felt great, i did some dry practices home as I watched this. It felt like the thing i’ve been looking for in my swing. Thanks!

kusdaddy02 says:

Great insight and instruction! Keep em coming..

JuliusJueLi says:

great vid. Thank you Mark.

freakmania3 says:

You confirm every thought I have about swings and what not.  Thank Much

harry gill says:

hello mark i am 14 and have just started golf and as my birthday is coming up i was wondering if a backgarden golf net would help improve my game.

Louis DeSantis says:

Great explanation, hadn’t heard it described that way by any other teachers or articles. Most only discuss the initiation of the movement but do not address the slowing of the different body parts. Thanks for providing another way to look at the sequencing of the swing..

David Tyrrell says:

Mark im playing golf 9 months now im playing off 19 and im 15 years old i have a problem. I hit a slight draw with my irons and wedges but with my lnger clubs .3 hybrid ,3 wood , and driver i hit a slice/cut i used to hit a nice draw but in the last few weeks this has happened have you any idea what i could be doing wrong ? thanks

DeadTelevision says:

I’m gonna be a fucking pro in no time with all these tips, thank you Mark.

admc8 says:

Hey Mark I have the problem of finding my timing on the course. Sometimes it’s hard to find it after making a few bad shots. Any advice on how to fix that? Thanks.

jofferen says:

Looks cool in theory. Lets hope it works on the range! Great videos!

4golfonline says:

thanks for watching

4golfonline says:

defo the more balls you hit the better you will get.

4golfonline says:

no problem glad it helps

4golfonline says:

no problem 

4golfonline says:

will do

4golfonline says:

thats great news let me know if it helps you. 

4golfonline says:

good comment and yes the graph is a little hard core.

4golfonline says:

thanks will do.

4golfonline says:

this is a great drill with or without a golf club in your hand.

4golfonline says:


evansine68 says:

Boy that is great help,but also a brain buster. It will take alot of practice but very helpful.

Kristian Hitchen says:

Love your videos Mark they are really clear you have a cool way about you when you explain everything. Been back playing for 3 weeks and got my first lesson this week and i have been using every thing ive seen from you on the driving range and i think the instructor may wonder why im there. I have to say i wish i lived near you to get lessons !!! Well done keep em coming………

rockarkman says:

Thanks for your videos Mark. They are very informative and I like your positive ways of doing things.

Joshzilla1979 says:

Great video. Looking forward to trying this on the range.

Pretty much all instructors say to start the swing “in the feet”. Can you explain what this means? Should you start your downswing by pushing from the right foot?

Andreas Gross says:

Hello Mark! Do you know that you can download the kinemtic sequence at TPI? Really great. This knowledge will surely find its way. Having been at the Golf Europe at Augsburg and having talked to various software engineers, the kinematic sequence is just starting to get attention. Might want to look at swinguru or swingcatalyst and V1. The question remains, how any of us can find out, what our sequence is today, so that we know what to work on. With which software did you generate the graphs?

Darcy Ge says:

Thanks a lot~~` very good stuff. i have practice this drill at home for two days, and just been to range hit few ball with what you teach in this video. best working drill for temp so far. I have try different drill on temp also try the tour tempo method etc. but so far this is the best one working for me. will keep practice this way. I already can see i hit the ball more solid also gain a extra few yard. Again thanks a lot for the video, keep it up¬¬¬

Keithbish12 says:

Started watching your videos a little over a year ago…was awful…and shot in the 120s (new to the game)…now hitting in the mid-high 80s…thank you and where should I send the check

bryanchtan says:


Eddie Heylmann says:

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mrjamesgrimes says:

Great videos Mark, though this may be a little bit advanced stuff for your average high-mid handicapper…

NaClyFry says:

After seeing this particular video, you are truly the golf guru, Mark. Breaking down the game of golf to a science? You’ve got a serious understanding for the game.

Keep up the good work; almost all other youtube instructional videos pales in comparison.

tim arneson says:

i’d love to improve my iron game but im playing with old cheap worn irons and i cant afford new ones. any recommendations?

W4lly16 says:

I don’t know how I haven’t seen this video until now, as I have watched loads of them. I have a problem with firing my hips first and I guess this causes all types of problems. I will definitely be using this drill!

Carole Hernandez says:

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Phil Barry says:

Brilliant lesson, so very easily explained, keep up the great work.

Peter Stowe says:

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Jim Brennan says:


You dont seem to transfer your weight at all, but rather turn the hips from the top of the backswing. I always thought there needs to be a weight shift and then the turn? Enjoying the vids – thanks and please keep them coming.

Groganater88 says:

demonstrates why you cant teach yourself to play golf if you are serious about your golf spend some money

titus angelika says:

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