Golf Swing Takeaway – One Piece Takeaway and On Plane Backswing by Herman Williams, PGA

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Mox_au says:

audio is barely audible. long time no see Herman, great to see you back :)

Super1Matt1 says:

Nice video. I’d like to see you continue through the swing in some more new
videos. Thanks

Jane Gogan says:

Excellent description and “tips” for take-away and transitional move to the
top! Intermittently I use a mirror behind me to check my position is
correct at the end of the take-away before I transition to the top. Just
as you point out I check that my club face is turned down slightly and my
hands are neutral. THANKS!! 

suathaiku says:

33 years I’ve been a self taught searching golfer and have not seen a more
descriptive explanation of the takeaway & back swing that resonated so
well. I’ve been taking it back all kinds of ways, mostly too inside with
push hook results. Tried your left hand push takeaway and back swing drill
and must say it feels and works great. So that’s what a repeatable on
plane swing feels like. Thanks Hermin! 

mrserv0n18 says:

Theres a lot of golf videos on youtube, but I always can relate to yours,
glad to see a new video

Herman Williams Golf says:

New Golf Swing Takeaway video ready. It’s got all the details you want from
setup to top of backswing. Check it out now and be sure to like and
comment. Thx – Herman

xzorro123 says:

Thank you for another great video.

paul conlon says:

Great to see you uploading again Herman. I always liked your style of

Michael Barnett says:

25 degrees with wind chill factor making it like 16 so we did not play
today. Finding this fine video to see was a nice thing. You are a wonderful
teacher and I will continue to follow your videos and website, so keep em
coming and thanks.
By the way, I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday.

Troy Ugrich says:

Nobody has ever explained the second move into the top of backswing like
you just did!! Why won’t others explain that 2nd part? Thanks so much as
now I can finally get on plane!!

Colin Johnson says:

As always Herman, a superb explanation of the take away, clear as a bell.
There seems to be a problem with the back drop though. Looks like you were
superimposed on a screen, and a lot of the time I couldn’t see the shaft of
your club. Good to see you passing on your thoughtful tuition again, thank

Rob Tol says:

Herman, there are teachers and teachers. You have the right words to my
Now, lets go to work. Thanks coach

sonicdeviant says:

True. Works on iPhone but no iPad. No idea why.

Hubert Hopkins says:

Thanks Herman, I think maybe I’ve been cocking my wrists too soon and not
turning my chest enough. Those bad habits creep back in.

Adam Hall says:

Hey hermin. a few months ago i had a big problem with taking the club way
inside and wrap around my body. i fixed it now but i feel i cant start the
take away unless i use a forward press but i always pull the wedges and
hook my irons or block irons and my driver. i dont use the forward press
with the driver though can you help me please Thank you !

klarkus says:

Please do follow on videos for this ie downswing, follow through ect as
this video has helped me so much. Great job!

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