Golf Swing Stop Your Body Lift

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Andy M says:

he seems very vertical at address. push your butt out slightly.

jimbofatplum says:

everyones got a phone/video so when on the range, prop it up and record.
never realised my shoulder was lifting my head on backswing until I saw

jrdotel says:

Hey Mark,
My issue is similar, but slightly different. I stay into my posture just
until my right arm (I’m a Lefty) gets parallel. After that, it seems like
my shoulder is lifting my head up…how can I stop doing that? Thanks!

SirFuzzyPeaches says:

Agree with you on watching yourself in a mirror. I broke down on the back
nine last weekend–felt disconnected from my natural swing and was hitting
toe-y. Went home and watched myself in a mirror and saw what was wrong

TheMacdubhsithe says:

Anyone notice the color coordination between the shoes and jacket.. 

Mark Scott says:

Mark can you do one on upper body rising on impact through the ball?

sadsaalidhaalskdjhasald says:

The mirrors in the range I go to are all cracked. Taking a camera with me
next time.

Chris I says:

Definitely agree, without a coach self instruction requires feedback by
some other method. I like mirrors for setup posture, impact and follow
through, snap shot style observation, and I can get a sense of full swing
motion. I used to go and hit buckets, now I limit to one bucket, with a pre
shot routine, alignment, posture, balance checks before each ball and every
ball struck has a goal, flight and target. Someday I hope it all becomes
more natural and not such a workout! Thanks for the tips.

TrailTrackers says:

+Mark Crossfield Hey Mark, I’ve got two of those blue balance balls as
well. A while back I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis and my sports
physical therapist had me do some exercises on one. I actually bought two
of them from him because I thought they would help me and my son get better
balance, and they really do work. I’m glad to see that you have them too;
it makes me feel like I am at least going in the right direction with
helping to train my son.

Paul Piccini says:

Can you come across the pond and give some lessons in the US….Great Video

Mike Kefer says:

Hey Mark, what’s the diameter of your balance discs?

Johnathon Gray says:

+Mark Crossfield brilliant i now know the purpose of those discs and very
clever… i always saw them and thought they were only used as a gimic,
never thought it would be a tool to correct something, thought they were
being used to improve core strength in some weird way

icecreamania says:

This is my issue as well.. it’s hard to get rid of, though.

Garth Garthly says:

A useful reminder. I sometimes find as I am getting old that I start
lifting up as I swing back. As soon as I realize, I stop doing it and go
back to the good habits of my youth. Reduced flexibility seems to be the
main issue.

GolfGym says:

Mark, Thank you so much for this video. At home training is the best way to
develop the “Motor Pattern Memory” that can be taken to the range and
eventually to the course. Since 1986 our PowerSwing Trainer has helped
golfers do just that. Your demonstration is exactly what the trainer was
originally designed to help. Please check it at I’d love your
comments. Ken Pierce

Mark Crossfield says:
Christian Kostakis says:

Just patiently waiting for people to try and out coach a professional

daniel reeve says:

what does golfninja think 

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