golf swing secret

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Video on the fact that the golf swing is a single axis rotation with video of Berhard Langer and Chuck Howell III.


remmy100 says:

Hmm certainly interesting. Will work on this today

Jim Smith says:

Your analysis is wrong. The head moves back because the base of the spine
moves to the inside of the left hip causing an axis tilt. You swing around
the base of your neck (c7 vertabrae) with a swinging spine.

BenJogan says:

Who’s the guy at 4:55? He has an incredible swing! Fantastic angles and an
hoganesque extension in the follow-through.

Alex says:

Lol there is not secrets to golf. I actually hate it when people use the
word secret because it keeps influencing the newer players that there’s a
“shortcut” to be good at this game. I find that’s what leads players down
the bumpy road to 1000 swing changes. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of
valuable information out there that can help you but at the end of the day
you being “good” at golf comes down to how much you practice these
techniques and how dedicated you are to being better. On average
professionals have practiced anywhere between 5000-10000 hours before they
turned pro. That’s equivalent to 200-400 days of just in time practice.
Which in smaller terms in spending a minimum of 2-3 hours everyday with 0
breaks for 10 years. So once you add in the fact that you’re human and you
have other things you have to do as well that number keeps rising. This is
reality people! Nothing great ever came from watching a 1 hour dvd.. 

Frank Pratte says:

@BenJogan, the gut at 4:55 is Grant Waite

twelve hundred says:

hhahaaaha HELLO!

Lui Cordero says:

For years ive been trying to fix 2 big flaws in my swing, using my hands to
hit the ball and my chicken wing follow though… This video fixed both of
them!!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO SIR…. Thank you!!!

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