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Golf swing release and squaring the club face. In this weeks Impact Show Piers and Andy discuss the release and give you a drill to help square the club face and stop your slice. SUBSCRIBE…


f0ulkes100 says:

fantastic video, exactly what i need to put somw finishing touches on my
new driver swing ­čśë perfect timing lads´╗┐

Jordan Mundell says:

Really like the new format!´╗┐

PeSonn says:

Nice new intro and animation guys! They’re looking really great!´╗┐

Gary Jones says:

Really great video, well done guys, very good drill, does what it says on
the tin. thanks´╗┐

Daniel Dom├şnguez says:

Awesome video! I’m a junior golfer, and I can’t hit long irons, typical
miss is fat an inch or so, please help!!!!´╗┐

Richard Davies says:

Don’t damage my bag

Marcus s says:

hey guys i have been working on my swing for a while now, the videos of my
swing on my page a really old. i got down to about a 10 handicap. I have
been striking the ball really well but with my driver something weird has
been happening that last few weeks. I hit my driver very high on the face
and it feels super weak and is popping straight up. met with a swing coach
and he was having trouble spotting it out since i been hitting my irons and
fairway woods well just my driver isnt performing. We thought i was cupping
my wrist a little too much but on film it looks good. is there any other
variables, i will try to get a vid of my swing up soon. thanks ´╗┐

Golfmaster#1 says:

So cool intro I need work on my stance could you help me out´╗┐

TXchadTX says:

good vid. you guys should do a review of that r15 driver. ´╗┐

Scott Siler says:

the lockey flip!´╗┐

Tony Atkinson says:

Thanks guys would you recommend that you do the drill in between each shot
on the range? like the new look of the videos. keep up the good work..´╗┐

erskin2005 says:

Really like the new layout and intro guys. Thanks for the video. I’ll be
trying this soon.´╗┐

Tim Tkachenko says:

I’ve been watching your vids on and off for a good year. I can’t believe
how much improvement has come from all those drills. Thanks you from
America :)´╗┐

daniel walters says:

Was on the range and I just couldn’t fine the ”middle ground” between a
slice and hook, could you do a video on finding more consistency please.´╗┐

Michael Green says:

Great drill … question I have is when you showed the bad version (flip or
scoop) I didnt see how it changed what part of the club hit the bag. Can
you tell me how it will hit the bag if you DONT do the drill correctly.´╗┐

MrBadassbuddha says:

i personally just keep my hands, wrist’s and arms ‘loose’ and the clubhead
release’s itself, no conscious thought involved . If it slice’s, then i was
hanging on to hard.´╗┐

Glen20thesuperturtle says:

Went out for a few holes today, The first time i’ve hit a ball to see its
flight path in a long time, I use to have a very bad slice, for some reason
i know have a slight fade or i push it ­čśŤ I don’t know how that happened´╗┐

Kevin Steen says:

I like the new intro guys!´╗┐

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