Golf Swing Mechanics Good or Bad AskGolfGuru

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ravey1981 says:

english captions on, 2.50

David Fisher says:


Brendon Cornell says:

Mechanics should be swinging spanners

scortongardy says:

If you ever want to think in depth about mechanics it’s usually better to
to this during practice on the range. Feel the position you want to be in
and practice it on the range, you should never really be thinking in depth
about your swing on the course e.g. I need to draw the club back to this
point and drop this elbow here and rotate my shoulders to here etc etc this
will only lead to further problems on the course. Too much stuff in your

ziho zang says:

Hi,Mark! I am a huge fan of your videos! I watch your videos day and night,
all day long through your golf app on my iphone but i noticed lately that
the app
crashes everytime I try to open it! Is it just a problem with my phone or
maybe a bug in the programe? Any thoughts?

Taylor Zalewski says:

When playing on the course…you just have to swing. When you’re on the
range practicing, that’s when you work on stuff and can be mentally busy. I
have many things I work on when I’m on the range and remember that feeling
I had on the range. Standing over the ball on the course, that goes out the
window and I rely on my body to replicate what I was practicing. If you are
going to have a busy mind over the ball, only concentrate on ONE thing.

golfninja says:

You have to be able to swing freely through the ball with rhythm to a
balanced finish, but, to be able to do this properly you have to have an
understanding of how to get the correct impact conditions to play
consistently well. Sounds from the question that he would benefit from a
series of lessons to get a new direction to be able to go forwards. Good
drill to free up a bit with an 8i ball teed down on small tee, with your
feet together swing at 70 percent focussing on rhythm and completing the
swing in balance. Another would be swing 2 clubs (7&8i) together swinging
just knee high off the ground back and through continuously -again focus on
smooth rhythm. Then hit some shots focussing on the feeling of a complete
swing through to balanced finish.

Steve Evans says:

Hi Mark, you are right, we do obsess about mechanics. In my case, I still
cannot get a straight left arm at impact, leading to flipping a little at
impact, I know because I filmed myself in super slowmo. I’m still hitting
solid shots although very high with my irons. I also obsess currently about
getting that extended arms look after impact, but I can’t manage to extend
both arms, only the right arm. Any ideas? Drills?

ziho zang says:

Ignore my previous comment! Its working again fine again, yay!!

Christian V Petersen says:

Do you find that sometimes fixing a swing-fault leads to new swing-fault?
Say if I would need to make my swingplane steeper I eventually end up with
too steep a swingplane. Will I ever find that golden swing that lets my
just play… 🙂

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