Golf Swing Made Simple!

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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA Teacher Of The Year Winner
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour





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Paul M says:

Sometimes in this life you meet up with someone who just wants to help people to be the best that they can be you strike me as being that kind of person I have watched your swing in slow motion and see that you practice what you preach I only hope that others might benefit as much as I have from your genius way of teaching

ท ต says:

love your insight teaching

Bob Neuendorf says:

What makes you better at teaching is your communication. Your describing of what to think about is simple and easily applicable. Love, love, love your videos!

George Anderson says:

This guy articulates his instruction so well…

Don Harrold says:

Excellent video! Exactly the sort of stuff most people will find useful.

Delmar Yennie says:

Adam another great video. This should be for all beginners, I sure wish I had seen this one even now, much earlier. WOW do I have something to work on now. I can see how this will help me hit better shots. Thank you again.

Jesse Honn says:

As a new relatively new golfer I am 25yrs old and haven't played since high school. These videos are a big help since I am coming back into the sport.

Denis Boucault says:

Motor racing

Joseph Imbesi says:

Nice drill..great help..cheers.

56NatioN says:

Amazing advice and technique, than you!

frank turcol says:

Been looking for a good golf lesson videos on YouTube and I think your channel prob one of the best for me. I won’t be half bad if I can stop toping the ball

Ken Bagwell says:

'Don't HIT the ball, put pressure on the ball' … nice!

Matthew Lynch says:

Adam I am struggling to find my swing plane and my body naturally contorts so that I always hit to the right any tips?

Jean Luc Toppan says:

When does translation into french thanks

Toby the cheeky monkey says:

Brilliant videos.

Abubaker Rawat says:

Excellent video sir. Thank you.

Salvatore San juan says:

That bit about "not hitting the ball and applying pressure instead" – that's gold!! Thanks for that!

Ernie Murdock says:

I wouldn't take a lesson from this guy.

Ryan says:

I cant figure out this guys accent

Scratch Golf Academy says:

⛳ Grab your "Solid Strike Formula" course here:

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