Golf Swing – Improve Your Pitching Distance Control

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PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward demonstrates how you can improve your distance control on your pitch shots by using a towel.…


Alief Abdullah says:

Great videos guys. I just found your channel and really like your teaching
methods. It’s simple and easy to understand. I’ve been having problems with
overswinging and collapsing the left arm at the top. I’ve watched your
videos on wrist hinge but still have problems with my right elbow. My
question is could you use this drill to combat overswinging on the
fullswing as well?

Jesus Paras says:

awesome drill

John Donlis says:


Meandmygolf says:

Thanks John. Glad you are liking our vids. Just let us know if we can help
your game in any way.

Dustin Brewer says:

Nice video..I’ve been watching all your videos for the past 6 months and I
gotta say I’ve learned more from you guys then I would’ve if I had bought a
lesson. So I just wanted to say thanks and also ask if you guys could make
a video about a high lob wedge shot if like your 30 yards away from the pin
and there’s a tree in your way how to get it over and land soft by the
pin.. Thank you

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