Golf Swing Follow Through

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Golf swing follow through with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals piers Ward and Andy Proudman http…


Merdad M. says:

Thanks for another wonderful video! You guys are great instructors and
second to none!! Keep up the great work :)

Stanley Ross says:

Hi you guys, Thanks so much for the videos. I have a question. At the
point of impact then, the right arm is still bent? How much is it bent? I
would imagine the arm is in the process at the point of being unbent, but
could you give an idea of what it looks like at the point of impact?
Thanks, Stan

wadeguitars says:

I noticed that your right arm moved away from your body (even though elbow
was down) at the top of the swing (disconnection). Looking at Tiger he
seems to keep his right arm in line with his body not flying away – your
thoughts? Also, noticed that your right elbow only flexed 90 degrees at
the top – would you agree that is important not go go beyond 90 degrees as
the club starts getting outside of your body and lots of bad things can
happen from there. Look forward to your comments. 

Martin Moore says:

Hi Guys thanks for the vids. They’re excellent! I live in the UK and as you
know we have had lots of rain, which has left my course pretty soggy. (and
it tends to get wetter than most, we have a lovely river running through it
🙂 what is the best way to adjust for this. I’ve lost distance and feel,
the ball seems to compress to much into the ground. Searched forums and
there is no clear answer, so I thought I’d turn to the pro’s. Insight would
be invaluable. Kind regards Martin 

Carlos Riaño says:

Hi Piers and Andy, useful tip for us casters 🙂 keep posting good videos!
Can you comment on oversizer putter grips?

golfninja says:

big jack nicklaus said that the only point in the swing where the right arm
was straight and also when the left arm was straight at the same time as
the right was in the follow through, which he defined as being during the
twelve/eighteen inches or so after impact.

Steve Evans says:

Hi how are the twins doing?! Seriously, great video highlighting my current
problem. No matter how hard I try I cannot get into that arms straight post
impact position. Best I can do is right arm almost straight. Left arm
always buckles because I am catching raindrops maybe, anti chicken wing
drill. I would like to send you a video of my swing face on.

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