Golf Swing Fit Week 1

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Mox_au says:

myocardial infarction imminent….

extremescuk says:

Hey guys thanks for positive feedback keep it coming if anybody has any
sensible questions feel free to ask and ill get back to you as soon as I

MrDanielvass says:

The hips not moving but the shoulders turning creates coil and extra power,
right? I find it very difficult to rotate my upper body but not my hips.
There’s a video of Michelle Wie on YouTube by a guy that specialises in
creating lag and one thing he noted was how much she rotates the shoulders
whilst not rotating the hips

SatsumaBomb says:

Love the montage music Rick! Great post; glad more pros are including gym
work to improve! Good luck

olddicey says:

Great vid, keep this series up just what I need. 

tkoldschool says:

Super idea Rick, love the video

Pablo Dupleix says:

excellent, please put more material. Greetings from Lima- Perú!!!

Kevin Boudreau says:

Impressive. Very helpful instruction

George L says:

Yet again. . Another great video upload
Thanks rick 

George Jupin says:

You truly have one of the best golf YouTube channel

JAG sixtyfive says:

Absolutely hilarious! But fair play to you mate. It’ll be interesting to
see the results in a few weeks.

James Whelan says:

Excellent vid me duck, almost dropped me crisps :)

Jonathan W Golf says:

Excellent. Not bad for a first session Rick. Barry certainly didn’t go easy
on you!!

LilFinga says:


RickShielsPGAGolf says:

Watch Rick take on a 12 week program to increase strength, power, balance,
flexibility and much more distance and club head speed. 

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