Golf swing basics for women

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PGA Professional Al Vallante from Atlantic Golf Center joins The Rhode Show to provide some basic golf swinging tips for women.


RobertMirzakhanian says:

Perfectly said. Specially about the head. That is so true among the beginners and about swinging the driver. Well done sir. Thanks for the honest tip.

hermanzoon says:

He talks about “baseball action” (leaning back). Even this is wrong for baseball. Look at the great hitters: Bonds, Mantle, Ruth, Aaron, Williams, Jackson, et al. Through contact they never never ever leaned back on their back foot. They all had tremendous power attacking the ball out in front and then their energy in carried them into the position you see in photos where they are on their back foot. Few baseball players do this today and they are not better for it.

martinigolftees says:

good point

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