Golf Swing Balance Lesson

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Jim Smith says:

What I love about your videos is that it’s all about impact conditions,
none of this excessive lag, x factor, coil nonsense. 

Tony Sadler says:

Try the same but with bare feet, helps to keep the weight even through your
feet and so helps with your balance , what do you think mark ?

Mark Crossfield says:
DaysThatEndEnY says:

Mark, you have helped me become from a mid 80’s shooter to a low 70’s
shooter in just a couple of months with these videos. Many thanks and I
hope you continue!

CJ Bell says:

Thanks for reviewing my swing Mark (using my own Lumpy by the way), I’ve
begun working with stability discs, per an older clip you did on early
extension. Will incorporate these moves into that work. Worked my way to
a 5 handicap through good short game, but as you stated, strike is very
erratic. Excited for next season, thanks again.

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