Golf putting tips and tricks – improve your golf putting video lessons

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Do you want to learn The truth about putting?
Click this link:

The Truth About Golf Putting – Golf Lessons – Be a Better Golfplayer 2013

“Club-Golfers… Follow This Proven Putting System And Eliminate 3-Putts, Make All Your 5-Foot Putts With Confidence, Make A Bunch of 20-Foot Putts And Take Just 25-29 Putts/Round”
“This Video Below Reveals The Six Common Club-Golfer Putting Mistakes, What You Can Do To Avoid Them, And How You Can Putt Well Every Round”

Inside the Truth About Putting E-Book you will learn:

How to make all you short-putts (I give you the complete system, physical and mental)
How to virtually eliminate all 3-putt greens
The unique system for holing putts under pressure
How miss-putts can make you putt great for the rest of the round (I use this secret all the time). Once you learn this you will NEVER have a bad putting round.
What stroke-keys you should use to maintain focus under pressure (18th green with a 6ft downhill slider to go low… no problem!)

How to practice effectively (nearly no one practices properly)
How to get into the ZONE
How to master putting from off the green, leaving yourself with “tap-ins”
How to develop a pure putting stroke
How to turn on and off each side of your brain when required; one of the keys to great putting
How a poor set-up can sabotage any chance of making putts consistently good putts
The secrets to developing a World class pre-shot routine (the same one I use to hole bombs every round)
The techniques that let you putt free of fear and full of confidence
The unique green reading method that I used to hole 7 x 18ft putts in 9 holes (shot 6-under)
A complete step-by-step guide to a putting system for you to use

This Book Is A Result of Extensive Trial and Error (on the course) and Research Into The Art and Science of Putting

The Truth About Golf Putting – Golf Lessons – Be a Better Golfplayer 2013

It all started in the late 90′s when I was doing a Professional Trainee-ship. I was always a solid putter (doing loads of practice as a youngster) but never freaky. That changed in late 1997; from this point on I have had dozens of peak putting performances.

Through studying what leading sports and golf psychologists where teaching to leading golfers at the time — and practicing, testing and adding to this information myself, I came up with a step-by-step system for consistently good putting round after round.

These rounds include multiple birdie barrages featuring 4-6 birdies in 5-10 holes. One of the most extreme rounds was a victory as a Trainee Professional…

… At this time I was a very ordinary ball-striker and on this day I hit a typical 9 greens in regulation…

… The result of hitting 9 greens in regulation was a winning 3-under par round containing just 23 putts!

The Truth About Golf Putting – Golf Lessons – Be a Better Golfplayer 2013


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