Golf Progress March 2011: Golf Fitness

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Close I’m working on improving my level of golf specific fitness with the help of some TPI certified experts including Alex Riggs and C…


Radu Blaga says:

Nice i was practicing in my back yard and the club cam off my hands and almost broke my nabors windows haha .. Nice video

katfuntt says:

Not only is this impressive, it’s also rather charming. He gently mocks his own obsession, but is clearly hugely committed to his golf-specific training and that commitment and enthusiasm sines through in this video. Watching him is both informative and fun.

Bravo, sir!

golfprogress says:

Thanks so much, that is really a very nice comment. One of the hallmarks of my videos will be self deprecation. This is needed to contrast the fact that I’m sharing video of my mid handicap swing with the world when they can go watch a stud like Rory McIlroy or Ernie Els on YouTube instead.

golfprogress says:

Yes I have a few outtakes where the net comes crashing down and I try to raise it up but it enraptures me in its web and I end up in the rose bushes (thorny)

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