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MASTERS GOLF 2014 – How to get backspin on chip shots Meandmygolf show how to help generate more spin on your chip shots http://ww…


C R SMITH says:

OK Boys, when are you coming to the Hershey CC so I can clip your fairy
wings for a few dollars…. ?

IronMike212 says:

This seemed more like a pitch shot, rather than a chip. 

sharmakdeep says:

Where’s the spin that gets the ball travel back after landing?

Adrian Ashworth says:

‘How to get backspin on chip shots?’ It’s a null question. Firstly, you
mean pitch shots. Secondly, there’s no magic secret: if you have a good
clean lie, a decent ball (not a rock), a wedge with clean grooves and a
good strike, you’ll get all the spin you want.

Jefferson Smith says:

Looks like a regular grip? The clothes. They are not from around here are

Brian Alexander says:

I have watched a few of your videos and reluctantly subscribed to your
channel. Why reluctantly? You guys over think the think rsther than over
doing the do. You talk too much. This particular video you talk for almost
3 minutes before addressing the ball and simulated impact, loft, etc. Then
it was at the 6 minutemark before you actually struck the first ball. Great
personalities coupled w/ positive intelligent videos. But you need more
demonstration and less description. Its not an audio book. We are watching
a video. Remember that and utilize it. There are two of you. One of you
talk and the other demo’s.
Furthermore… the shot was a chip and run or slight pitch and run. There
was no spin. Maybe a slight check and run out. The video title was
misleading. Now Ive got to go watch another video to accomplish what I
wasnt able to with this mis labeled video.
Take this as a teaching opportunity and free feedback. If your not
listening, then your not learning. When you stop learning you stop being
Good luck.

Joseph Wilson says:

how about showing us how the shot actually works instead of just talking
about it? I don’t think you can do it

David Kearney says:

The only thing spinning is my mind. Andy you should really remove that
potato, it makes your trousers fold so it looks like you have man**na. Or
you can wear spandex and the crease/fold problem would be solved, but I
doubt the R&A would approve. Alternatively you can get a larger trouser
size but that wouldn’t look as tight as Rory’s, so rather go with the
spandex then. I’ve personally never had that problem. I did try it once on
the beach but someone kindly reminded me it should be worn at the front,
not the back… 

stuartk says:

sorry, too much talking and not enough demonstration

Colin Christie says:

no offence.but the title is HOW YO GET BACK SPIN ?

tbh i never even seen yhem balls check up.

now i watch ur vids but maybe do 1 where the balls actually stoppin.?

Sal Atxondo says:

Guys, you need to explain about he movements of the shoulders

Grant M says:

Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass, should ask my neighbor HUGE ass.

iSky 360 says:

Can’t wait to go out and try this technique this weekend! I’ve always
played my chips well back in my stance, even with my lob wedge. Great
videos, guys!

a1scooter1 says:

Good information but I have a question. Did you guys call each other to
find out what you were going to wear or was it just an unbelievable

Walter Allred says:

Best instructional golf video I’ve seen on YouTube in a while. And I watch
a lot of golf videos. Love your stuff. Keep up the good work. I’m no doubt
a better player because of the two of you.

rocco1203 says:

need less rambling on and more hitting the fucking shot. and that one on
the right needs to MOVE out of the shot.

S.A.M says:

Thanks so much Piers and Andy the “neutral” placement of my wedge helped
so much I am getting closer to the flag than ever and connecting sweetly !!
Thanks again, have a great Christmas and New year !

Luke Norris says:

you guys look like douche bags wearing the same outfit

Bobby Merino says:


Oliver Keeling says:

About three minutes of yacking back and forth between the two of you. Just
get to the point. It sounds like each of you are trying to one up the
other on golf info.

MrBigolnuts says:

Thanks guys, I really like your vids, but there was no back spin on those
shots? I’m a bit lost…

andy b says:

as everything on youtube, everyones an expert in the comments, wether its
slating Jay Cutlers bench press or the way floyd rolls a punch!
You’re doing amazing stuff guys, really is helping my golf! Thanks a lot.

brad townsend says:

Great video (as always). One thing I think of when hitting a high spinner
is to let the club face pass my hands at impact. And when I want to hit a
low spinner is to push the handle towards the target (effectively not
letting the club face to pass my hands).

Dave Tottman says:

All of you guys who comment and say “There’s No Backspin”. Guess
what…Every shot you play has backspin, your 60 degree lob wedge that
‘runs out’ as well as your driver that pitches at 180 and runs to 240. In
truth, its very difficult to spin the ball back on a chip shot, or a small
pitch if some of you call it that. If you listen VERY CAREFULLY you will
hear the boys say that its downhill on the green. It will never spin back.

In my opinion chaps, I would pick a shot next time which is severely
sloping towards you, as by the looks of it, your target audience want

Nathan Tilley says:

why oh why are you wearing matching clothing?? good vid though

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