Golf Lessons Lake Forest CA – Swing Release

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Golf Lessons Lake Forest, CA – Visit: or Call (949) 554-9926 Ryan Trengrove, Owner and Director of Instruction at Golf Swing Prescription, an indoor golf training center in Laguna Hills, California, shares with you information about the Follow-Through and Swing Release. “Ben Hogan did not want his hands to cross over during the follow through. He wanted the feeling of his right hand under his left hand during the and Release.”

This is very important because I see this very often, where players will come in who are used to swinging a Baseball Bat or the similar, and they got in the habit of twisting their hands over.

Here is a drill to avoid the wrists from rolling over. While you are performing the swing, pretend that you have a basketball in your hands, and are throwing the ball underhand. We want to toss the ball directly at our target, keeping the palm of that hand going at our target versus right hand twisting over. Do this with your swing, and you should get a better result!


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