Golf Lessons – Better Putting Blueprint Lesson 10 – Monitor Your Putting Progress

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Putting Lessons with Derek Hooper – Congratulations on completing the Better Putting Blueprint series. Over the past 9 lessons you have learned the pre-swing and in-swing skills required to be a great putter. You have also learned the practice skills you will need to reinforce those skills and improve them over time.

Over the past lessons we also covered the ways you will need to structure your practice, using both blocked and random practice drills to ensure your skills transfer from the practice putting green to the golf course.

It is important to remember that just because you have learned and improved these skills today does not mean your journey ends. The best players in the world are constantly monitoring their scores and statistics to make certain that they are continuing to improve year after year, and you should do the same.

In this final video I discuss the tools you can use to continually monitor your putting progress and track the areas of your putting that may need more attention than others. This will allow you to always be a great putter on the golf course.

Training Aids shown in this Lesson:
Eyeline Edge Putting Mirror – Click link to purchase –
Eyeline Slot Trainer – Click link to purchase –
Eyeline Putting Pendulum – Click link to purchase –

Tracking Tools
Putting Bootcamp app –
Shot By Shot rounds analysis –

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