Golf Instruction: Swing release and ball striking secrets | School of Golf | Golf Channel

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Martin Hall and Blair O’Neal are joined by world-renowned teacher Jim McLean to discuss misconceptions about release in the swing and ball striking secrets from Sam Snead. #GolfChannel #GolfInstruction #SchoolofGolf
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Golf Instruction: Swing release and ball striking secrets | School of Golf | Golf Channel


e james says:

I like to use small shots to get this feeling.Then work up to full range. And if I start to get that over the top urge coming on……I'll go right back to small shots until I'm back in the groove.

Max Caysey says:

Why is this guy so influenced by golfers from a completely different era? How about looking at contemporary golfers…

Siao Kia says:

Blair’s is getting so fat

Flashy Paws says:

just dont straighten out your right arm til its pointing up at the sun somewhere.
thats how you do this.
when your right arm straightens out, it should be pointing to your ball up in the sky somewhere.
just do that, and all the rest of this stuff will happen on its own.

Antonio delrosario says:

I'm a right handed golfer but a left handed dominant golfer and I do my golf release from my left arm and left hand rotation. By the way I am creating a nice divot on most of my iron shot and I hit the ball straight all the time and far because of the cocking/uncocking action and hand rotation release. This type of left hand rotation in a very fast action created a centrifugal force rotation of the body in action.

swisstrader says:

What about x-factor?? Just kidding guys

dttruman says:

Some people think Jim is a god. I am not totally sold on that, but I definitely think he should be up for sainthood

desano1975 says:

Top speed golf system uses left side pulling instead to trail side leading. Some use the push method some people use the pull method which one is right I don’t understand

sixtyton angel says:

I'd be more interested if she had only a g string on.

charles tucker says:

Hit 10,000 balls without instruction. You will eventually develop a decent golf swing. Hit 10,000 more balls. You will perfect the swing you have created. Golf is all about consistent practice.

Derka Derka says:

Outstanding! Legends!

Nick Lee says:

The guy in the red is stupid

fontking1a says:

It's funny this game of golf. If we had to drive a 2" nail into a baseboard at the bottom of a 24" high wall with a three foot long lightweight hammer in just one hard blow, I'd bet almost everybody could figure out a way to do that. You'd stand there sideways with your left leg against the wall, take the hammer back and smash the nail hard and if you didn't think it felt correct the first time, you'd do it again until you figured out the best way to get the job done. That's golf folks. It's a stick, a ball and hand-eye coordination. It's what a carpenter does every day when framing a house. Do you think he thinks about his elbow, chin, knee, hip or anything else? Nope. He looks at the nail, swings the hammer the way it was intended to be used and pounds the nail….one right after the other and never misses. And by the way, he does this sometimes on one knee, balancing on a roof, in the wind on a structure that is moving a bit. I've never heard of a carpenter call for a swing coach. Here's a hint….your golf club is a hammer.

Ross says:

Kick ass, Tiger.

Light Bearer says:

Blair yum yum

cndvd says:

"Just hit the dam ball" and learn (your own way) to save par from anywhere your "lay up" shot is. The longer your back swing the worse it will get…."shank"…ha ha ha. ALWAYS focus on being great in the "short game" (100 yard and in or so) in 10 years it don't matter you will be single digit or better. Cause your short game will be so great.

Ol Hornytoad says:

Cannot stand to listen to martin hall no matter how good the lesson is! Mute button fast! How long IS his contract???

Elvis Presley says:

What a load of shite.

Jose Moreno says:

Stop whining, do it or don’t do it. Simple as that

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