Golf Instruction: Jack Nicklaus Secret Swing Shape (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)

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NCtrailX says:

Just watched your wide-narrow-wide vid on the website. Great summary – clear and right to the point.

GolfJuiceTV says:

Great video, really simple for people to check on camera. Such an easy way for people to improve their ball striking.

Chuck Quinton says:

Thanks. I am glad you liked it. How is your channel going? Have you been getting a lot of good interviews? ~Clay Ballard

Chuck Quinton says:

Thanks NCtrailX. ~Clay Ballard

GolfJuiceTV says:

Good thank you Clay. We’ve just been interviewing players, nutritionists, and golf management companies. Our interview with Chuck has still been one of our best so far though!

Craig R says:

Are you a salesman or a professional golfer?

Chuck Quinton says:

Haha, both these days. I am a golf professional that has worked with everyone from beginning golfers to touring professionals. Unfortunately these days, you have to have a little sales to drive people to the site. Thats part of the job. You can have the best info in the world, but if no one sees it, it does little good. Once you are a member of the website, there are no more sales. Good luck, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. ~Clay Ballard

watertonrivers says:

I agree with the idea here but only to an extent. With the longer clubs, especially the driver, extension in the backswing is very important, however, with irons I find that if I set the wrists a bit early, I hit the ball with alot more accuracy and distance. Ernie Els emphasizes the box or 90 angle before the top of the backswing. Not trying to be contrary, just an observation.

Chuck Quinton says:

Yes, the backswing can be somewhat of a variable. The real key is the narrow and wide on the downswing which are the second two pieces. These 2 must be perfect with every full swing. If you go wide on the backswing it makes it much easier to narrow the angle in the downswing, which is why I recommend a wide backswing. You technically can go a little narrower on the backswing and still do the second 2 pieces correctly, it is just a little more difficult to get lag. ~Clay Ballard

Larry Malone says:

Most of the great players have squinty eyes. So I squint my eyes when I play. I shoot lower scores when I sqint. Spend about 5minutes 2 times a day at a mirror squinting.

phawlenangel says:

i figured this out by swinging the club back on a long straight line which i don’t do anymore of course but i found that the club came back from the inside when i did this. great video.

Chuck Quinton says:

Thanks phawlenangel! ~Clay Ballard

Gaber1983 says:

best site hands down – with Clay & Chuck they have helped understand the golf swing and how to fix on the fly two great instructors out there

Chuck Quinton says:

Thanks Gaber1983!! ~Clay Ballard

DASH1ful says:

As you say, setting the wrists is wrong. and most of the golfers that are now trying to abandon the method are now left with a back-swing that moves outside the line

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