Golf instruction: Improving Tempo and Reducing Tension | School of Golf | Golf Channel

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Martin Hall is joined by performance coach Iain Highfield, who reveals physical and mental tips for improving tempo and reducing tension in your swing. #GolfChannel #SchoolofGolf
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Golf instruction: Improving Tempo and Reducing Tension | School of Golf | Golf Channel


brad whelan says:

A very simple technique that works for me is to exhale deeply using the diaphragm just prior to initiating the backswing.

Murph says:

I managed to stop this at the 0:00 minute mark. If you're having trouble with your tempo then you fall victim to the misconception of the golf swing and this all revolves around one word. Can you guess what it is?

Danny James says:

When I saw this a couple months ago I thought it was stupid but I tried it and this is what I've found. We have one par 3 at my course that really gives me trouble. Counting silently when I'm about to start my last few waggles helps keep my brain just busy enough to make a good swing. I don't count on every shot but I haven't hit a bad one yet when I do. I usually strike it anywhere from 5-8 but it doesn't matter. The idea for me is to keep the negative thoughts out of my head. One of the most helpful golf tips I've ever come across.

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