Golf Instruction – Better Shoulder Turn

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teewoods says:

Good advice!

utahgs says:

Great video!!

pbrownist says:

Great tip

shahrom78 says:

beautiful swing sir

MrRockerjo says:

Great tip, will try it tomorrow and report back!

golfnutster says:

This looks like a good tip. I will try it.

TOIS300 says:

that is a beautiful swing!!….Love the impact sound too.

darkesthour85 says:

such a buttery swing.

Tim Colley says:

Love this tip! Standing up is exactly what I keep doing and I can’t get myself to stop. Will try this at the range soon. As a lefty golfer it is hard hearing “mirror this” but this looks like it will work…thanks!

benitocarbone54321 says:

I’m no expert, but that swing is BIG EASY! Cheers for the video

Gyro911 says:

Another worthless tip that doesnt address the real issue which is set up posture.

MrPigg11 says:

Great video. I struggle with an over the top tendency and think this will help a lot. Btw your swing looks great!

golfmaniac007 says:

nice swing. that swing is like jeff maggerts.

G Chan says:

that is alot of reverse C after the impact. Correct but many average players dont have the flex to do such coil.

farai chikosi says:

great tip, quality swing..

David Warden says:

Great demo, I use this in my teachings and is one the best ways to teach better shoulder rotation. Great Job.

TruTxn82 says:

great swing. In my opinion and with MY experience, the reason I would come out of my posture was bc I felt like I would hit the ball fat on impact. Its more a subconcious thing for me. I had to trust my swing and setup.

TheJimmyNewc says:

Great lesson Steve. Thanks Mate.

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