Golf Indoor Putting Drill to Improve Putting Stroke and Better Strike

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Clinton van Zyl says:

Hi Matthew, this is a good golf drill but what about players that don’t
have a SBST putting style? Some of the best putters on the planet have and
still do use a swinging gate type of style.

SnaintonGolf says:

You are correct! what I forgot to say was practice this drill over 5 feet.
Even most arc putters keep the stroke square through this length of swing
and then arc further in the back & through swing. The channel should be far
enough apart to accommodate a slight arc as this would normally be only a
few degrees inside the BT line.

frgolfer says:

Hybrid shootout?

SnaintonGolf says:


Clinton van Zyl says:

Hi, thanks for the reply. You’re right about the range, anything under
6feet and I’m fairly SBST but the further from the hour I get the more arc
there is in the stroke. My favorite drill is to use 2 tees in the ground
only slightly wider than the putter head and find this helps me concentrate
on making good contact with the middle of the face.

SnaintonGolf says:

I think I have posted the tee drill

mooreofdat1 says:

Great video ,keep them coming

Nat j says:

Hey Matthew, I really like your drills and the to the point attitude of all
your videos. It is the best way to learn for sure. Anyways getting to the
point, I was just wondering what you would recommend for practice indoors.
I have a basement that has a smooth surface for putting and a mirror too if
that helps. But i mainly was looking for your favorite drills of the ones
like the one in this video. Thanks

SnaintonGolf says:

Thank you

SnaintonGolf says:

Thank you. Mirrors are great one on the wall to check posture. A mirror on
the floor to help with head position and shoulder aim. A lot of putting
drills I have posted can be transformed to be used inside. You normally
have to use tape if tees are used to hold them in place. I will be posting
more indoor drills throughout the winter so stay tuned. Cheers Matthew

Nat j says:

Thanks very much Matthew!

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