Golf Gruva! Most advanced Golf Swing Trainer ever! The Golf Gruva!

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Close The Golf Gruva is our signature product and the most advanced on the market. This training system with its unique multi-swing-plane design …


wannabenyhm says:

And people like you try to make money off idiots who don’t know how to
play, like you. You didn’t make money being pro, so you found another way…

bjnwright says:

what a load of shit

D Bowles says:

This is a good device and all but for anyone that wants to hit a golf ball
the way you are supposed to just go to and find a pga professional
in your area. If you watch this guy’s head and spine angle it is flopping
all over the place. As an amateur golfer you don’t need to worry so much
about all this compression and release. Just build your fundamentals and
those points will fall into place. You can’t “force” a good swing, you have
to develop it with great fundamentals.

xXTODDERXx1 says:

Or you could hit the fucking ball as hard as you can and go from there.

StankPunatra says:

Why become dependent on this machine for “feel” save the 900 bucks and
learn a swing plane from an instructor. Plus pay for some rounds and don’t
damage your clubs! It’s kind of a bargain not to buy it

triniriderz says:

Can I get the jim furyk model????

gorbyrc says:

Hahahaha, oh wow…

Icekul0113 says:

Does this damage graphite shafts? Could you also demonstrate use with a

RickNashIsGod says:

hahah thats gay

bluehorse888 says:

I dont own this product nor do I work for them but I must point out some
flaws in your logic.The materials you mention exclude the gross cost of
production which would include engineering, manufacturing, supplying,
consulting, legal and advertising fees. Large corporations are able to
bring products to market for much smaller end costs to the consumer because
of economies of scale. If he was sure he could sell 50,000 units then of
course he could reduce price. But I doubt this product will.

steven reese says:


thewelsho says:

Why the freaking painful music? Why can’t people just put explanations on
videos without all this distracting racket! FFS! Good analysis though, I
liked the breakdown of the swing into the various phases 🙂

AKaudio says:

his voice soothes me

Dukkinn says:

he’s shooting his hips too early

Shaker Cherukuri says:

Explains the mechanics quite well. Contraption might be too much?

Zynthesis says:

Well i’ll tell you this, golf is the most expensive sport I can think of.
Besides maybe a professional fishermen investment on a boat and a bunch of
gear. However I’d say gas and bait are less expensive then a round of golf
at a nice course.

Zynthesis says:

Because it makes you have a pro golf swing in 45 minutes.

Zynthesis says:

Because they learned before it came out.

Kieran Murphy says:

What a load of bollocks!

Kieran Murphy says:

Good way to fuck your clubs up.

Infamous0101 says:

Lol no it doesn’t. This machine teaches ONE swing for every person. Every
single person will have a different swings due do different sizes of limbs,
flexibility, etc. If you watch slow motion replays of different players in
the PGA you will see inconsistencies from golfer to golfer. The best way to
learn is to get an instructor to teach you proper grip and mechanics of
generating power and with time coordination and power will come just like
any sport.

Golfy5746 says:

This shows you literally dont know a single damn thing about golf

James Troost says:

I feel like this trainer would not work for most people, kinda just clunky.

Florian Bertram says:

this is NOT how you improve your golfswing! Muscle memory is only effective
if you’re ready in your head…! Just like riding a rollercoaster doesn’t
improve your ralley driving skills. But this Video kind of shows what’s
wrong with America. It’s not the intention, it’s the method…

AKaudio says:

this guy would put me to sleep

Pud McKensy says:

florian, please notice that the fellow trying to sell this snake oil
contraption does not have any kind of american accent. sounds european. i
guess this demonstrates whats wrong with whatever the hell country you are

TheCmjh says:

european? that is clearly south african,

Pud McKensy says:

clearly… touche

GregDrona says:

this is hilarious

Jayaram Easwaran says:

Why is it so fashionable to leave negative comments. Agreed the Golf Gruva
is an expensive gadget but how many have tried it before commenting. As for
me I have not tried this but must admit that the way this video explained
the swing mechanics, I tried this at the driving range and it clearly works
for me in my game now.

Alexander Boldin says:

watch video Golf Interactive Trainer

Chris Bundy says:

huge business, golf lessons. these gadgets are like the AB machines….
they will work yeah but so will just doing situps

Zac Moss says:


Barry McLoughlin says:

this is stupid… imagine Bubba Watson’s swing or Jim Furyk’s swing in
this, they’d break something lol but they got a green jacket and multiple
PGA tour victories to back that up. Not all golf swings have to be the
‘perfect swing’ just one you could repeat. Without a machine

Nick Hough says:

The theory is correct, but the execution and ‘packaging’ is awful! What a
cumbersome piece of kit. I’ve seen exhibition centres with less metalwork!

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