Golf Grip Pressure In Putting

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jtb86 says:

Thanks for the informative video Mark.


Love the new putting segments! They’re so helpful.

Blake L says:

What putter grip is he using?

rabbitmanish says:

It’s a super stroke grip

James Bermingham says:

great video.
I learn so much from your channel alone.

Will Swatton says:


Will Swatton says:

Ask Glenn if he knows Harry ellis!

ccfcrule says:

will you be doing another course vlog soon?

DDuffer24 says:

course vlog svp!

Golfvids13 says:

Mark what do you think about super stoke thick putter grips and what advantages/disadvantages do these grips have? Ps. Thanks for the vids they’re a great help!

Golfvids13 says:

*Super Stroke

Andriy Korotkov says:

The best channel with amazing tutorials that really helps. I have learned a lot from the books as well, my favorite one is called “Simple golf swing” from one of golf guru’s David Nevogt. This book improved my game skills from newbie to advanced in two weeks. There is free electronic version of it: gg.gggolfswing

Thanks again for course.

dwesto69 says:

But Mark, do u agree? ;)

Sladabeast says:

18th of the north

4324SLC says:

Love the t

4324SLC says:

Love the videos. Watch them every day. Thanks Mark.

mrtysonpants says:

I disagree with the bird theory. I would think you would have to have pretty good CONTROL of that bird or it would shake loose and fly away. So, that fits your control speech. You want to be firm enough so the bird doesn’t even think it can fly away, but loose or relaxed enough to not be crushing it cause they are fragile. The bird theory is perfect.

mrtysonpants says:

I meant i disagree with you, sir, on the bird theory. obviously not on the bird theory itself.

Halford95 says:

Mark did you play the north or south course when In la manga?

Telobofiorlaif says:

omg mark please let him talk

Waterboy6472 says:

The flag makes it look like Glenn is wearing a party hat. Kind of.

biggjorge21 says:

Love the vids. Mark you are an excellent teacher, but could you let your guests actually finish a sentence?

nick Christ says:

wow amazing greens looks beautiful

UofLFan1224 says:

That green looks amazing

rayner1399 says:

To be fair to Mark, every time Glen did talk, he added no helpful information!! All we got from this video was to go into the pray-position! Mark is a good coach and he tries to give simple bite-sized information, straight to the point. Glen talks a lot to give you very little information!!!

Supranium says:

Hahah, Mark. I belive some not so patient guy would have said to you: “FFS let me finish my sentence!!!”

James Villet says:

Wow, that’s so contrary to what we’ve been taught. I’ve never subscribed to a soft/loose grip and this video just confirms that if you don’t have control over the putter face then be prepared for pushes and pulls all day long. Thanks mark, bringing in the experts also makes me feel that I am learning from the right guy, one man cannot know it all 😀

AmanAilani says:

He’s the teacher not you, let him talk.

dishyduckie says:

great video…

Jonsse says:

Technically they’re both teachers.

Mick Healy says:

Hi Mark, As with all your videos great advice thank you.

Any chance of getting the android app compatible with the Google Nexus?

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