Golf Grip – Left Hand Position

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For more tips Click Here: Grip: Perfect Left Hand Grip Placement In this video I will show the correct placement of the left hand on the golf grip. This is very important because this will determine the position of the lower hand and therefore ultimately determine the correct golf grip. When you can make a good grip this will help in all other areas of the swing. With a poor golf grip, it can change many things in the rest of the swing. Therefore if a golfer has a bad grip, the results of shots will not be good. So, working on your golf grip for a short amount of time will provide somebody with better shots.I am sure that nobody out there wants to be hitting poor shots. For many years I have studied the way to hold the club correctly. In many books over the years that I have read have always made the proper golf grip very complicated, so I have figured it out to make the grip easy and simple. WIth keeping the thumb and palm together, this puts the club across the palm everytime. When you look down at your grip you only want to see two knuckles on the top hand. If you see anymore then two knuckles then you have what is known as a strong golf grip. As i mentioned earlier, this can shut the clubface down and then you have to try to manipulate it to hit a straight shot. By getting this neutral grip, you will then make the club be able to swing faster and therefore hit the ball further. For just a small amount of work and perserverence getting a good grip will not only help your game but make you look like a good player.


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