Golf Drills | Improve Your Ball Striking

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Close Mark Crossfield the internet golf professional talks about improving your golf strikes. The drill Mark shows you in this video gol…


dan2cool123 says:

tried this today and imroved my ball striking loads! THANKS!

MikePedersenGolfTips says:

That’s a great visual with the clubface.


That’s a great drill! I did this for 5 minutes straight and improved my striking and gained a bit more flexibility. Thanks!!

4golfonline says:

I love this drill and I am glad it helped. Keep it going.

4golfonline says:

No problem, why pay for golf lessons when we have YouTube. 

702pokrman says:


702pokrman says:

Love the vids, Mark! Great drill to help players “cover” the ball with their torso to create more solid, consistent, powerful shots. Thanks!

jkskyler says:

great vids Mark!! I have been watching your videos for about a year now and today its all starting to make sense. I still have loads to improve though, so please keep them coming. also what would be the best way to contact you for a question?

A5iaNatorTV says:

Hey Mark! Love the videos

I was thinking if you could do a comparison between the new TAYLORMADE R11 HYRBRID and the ADAMS GOLF A7. I need a new hybrid and would really appreciate some pro tips. I subscribed to you because I really like the reviews you do, I hope you can help me out!

Thanks in advance!
The-Asian-Eh-Tor :p

GolfMizunousa says:

how do you hit the ball cleanly on the ground without taking any divot, i have seen tigerwoods hitting a ball with an iron and i saw him just rub against the grass but he didn’t take any divot, how do u do that, is it possible for u to teach me in a video response on how to do that because i have a problem when hitting a ball on the ground, i take too much divot , is there a way to reduce that.

TigerWoodsWorld says:

Will this help with fat shots?

1cleandude says:

Having youtube is one thing but great instructors like you are the real blessing. Thanks again for you time, effort and expertise.

GKSireland says:

This is possibly the best tip I’ve ever found! BRILLIANT! Thanks so much Mark.
It really improved my technique. Tom Watson has a similar sort of tip, but I found your more helpful! Your video does a great job of showing how to use the hips to deliver the club IN SYNCH! Synchronising the armswing with the body can be tricky & the arms can easily get out of wack – not with this drill! I got such pleasure out of my practice today thanks to this tip – & its improved my short game consistency too! 🙂

gysgtallen1 says:

Great drill!!

lobheadhome says:

Mark, just found your videos yesterday. Watched the ball striking vid, practiced it for 20 mins, and then scheduled a round today. I didn’t score well but everyone I played with was surprised by my ball striking. It worked!!! Now I just need to work on my putting and setup routine. THANKS!!!! And keep em coming…

ChesterGash says:

Hi Mark. I spend a lot of time in Exeter and love your videos. I just have one question. THere has been a lot of mixed answers about whether you hit down on the ball with a hybrid or hit it on the upswing. Could you verify to me which one is correct . I’m 13 and I have trouble with deciphering how much I should hit down on the ball with each club. Can you tell me. what clubs you hit down on the ball with and which clubs you don’t. Thank you. Keep the great videos coming!!!

Jay Smooth says:

I love this drill. It gives a good feel for what the impact position should feel like. Thanks

Gabesly says:

you want to hit down on the ball for every club except driver (the amount of how much you hit down is up to you)

Ben Steele says:

Love this, when I am covering the ball I always play well, by working on covering the ball, I gained some yardage with my irons and what is scary is that I am already pretty long! This drill is made for me because my hips shoot ahead fast so I have to save it with my hands and I hit a lot of hooks

Ben Steele says:

Well I would say that when you are playing a hybrid from the rough or the fairway, Hit down on it so that it lands softly and stops, however when you are hitting a hybrid off a tee, try to hit it on the upswing so that you can get less spin and hit it straighter and farther, that is what I do with my 18 degree, I can hit a 250 yard shot off the tee (low draw) and a high draw off the fairway, hope this helps

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