Golf Drill Shoulder Turn Backswing

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Close Mark Crossfield the Exeter golf professional shows you how to improve your golf s…


ascoli piceno says:

Mark, what is the swing thought you use to start the swing? Are you focusing solely on your left shoulder pivoting? Or are you focusing on your arms pivoting?

Gerry Armstrong says:

this to me is the key move ,works for me.

TigerWoodsWorld says:

so are u saying ur left shoulder should drop?

X19Paul says:

Great drill. This really helps me to turn better and keep my posture.

Anton Zane says:

It may seem that his left shoulder drops but watch his spine angle through the swing, it stays the same. The shoulders are just turning around his spine. Good drill.

David Schultz says:

shoulder behind the ball. let the heel come up if you feel some tension. WIND up.

mafdog6 says:

turn u fuckwit

2toneronnie says:

Hi Mark.

Always suffered from a flat shoulder turn and I have been applying this tip with some degree of success. However after showing this to a golfing buddie he noticed that the club face was closed as the club reached parallel on the back swing.
I should say that I was also concious of my right shoulder was going up.

How do you avoid a closed club face but still drop your left shoulder to achieve a correct shoulder tilt. Could it be that I am applying it too much?



Kryckek says:

Great video! I have a question? What does it mean to when my right forearm will hurt after a round of golf or after i hit on the range? Using to much of my right side? Thanks Krychek

cvlyons18 says:

All your videos are great!!

Allan Matthewson says:

I have just come back from the driving range to try out some new clubs. I used the backswing ideas mentioned and I must say it worked fantastic. It is by far the best piece of instruction I have seen. Thanks Mark.

farai chikosi says:

best teacher on youtube, trust me ive watched them all, mark wil teach in a 4min video wat other teachers take months tryna explain, up the good work Mark

edmund kim says:

I think Shawn Clement is also up there among the top youtube instructors. Not discrediting Mark though.

farai chikosi says:

mark yous a genius man, ive been always very atheletic flexible and all but kept spraying shots every where cz i wasnt turning propeely i had the revrerse pivot goin thnks for showing the ryt way to turn..

farai chikosi says:

edmund kim, shawn clement has nothing on Mark, ive followed shawn for a long time no results, Mark is the truth mate, shawn talks a lot but u go try it out it doesnt quit cum together , mark is strait to the point and an instant game changer

A Wiganer says:

The thing that I really liked about this lesson was that the instructor made a mistake but rather than redo the whole thing he just went on and apologised for the error. Obvously a bloke that is more interested in teaching than being perfect.

09Youba says:

Thank you for the video, This is the backswing I belive is correct for me. Now I just have to find your video on the down swing. Great instruction and your swing looks right on. I was making that backswing playing to day but I was pushing some to the right then pulling to the left. Overall I hit 50% of the fairways so I’m doing something wrong on the down swing. I will go tho range and work it out.

BRUCE2W says:

this shoulder drill along with your ball position video is GREAT.I’m killing the ball and finally winning back all the money I lost the first half of the year.

John Powell says:

Excellent mate. I just tried this in the mirror and out of all the drills i have tried, this may be the one. I have never been able to see my right foot during my back swing and now with this drill I can. Incredible!!! Can’t wait to hit the range with “drive the left shoulder towards your right instep” move.

SuperMozzman says:

I had a lesson with a PGA pro in January who hammered the same principle into me and it has completely changed my ball striking, easily one of the most important and overlooked tips in golf and has such a massive effect on the backswing and weight transfer. Mark – you need to re-shoot this one in Hi-Def because its a corker !

Fred Bloggs says:

I gave this a go on the range today and started to hit it better right away. However, I’m trying to get the feeling Mark describes, but there is no way I can manage to see my right foot (although before I realised I could see it between my arm and body!). I can just about catch sight of the end of my toe, but if I go any further I really feel like I am tilting going back, and really whipping the club inside. Have others tried this and find they can clearly see their right foot?

inofbounds says:

i learn something new in my swing every day to the expense of at least to other things and then i’ll have to start all over! 🙂

Mike Bennett says:

Great tip….as are many of your You Tube videos!! I feel your recommendations are always spot on!! Cheerio!

skyclown says:

Thanks. This tip really helped after a very frustrating time on the range it was clear from your video I was lifting my shoulders on the backswing. This tip really helped when I played on the course today. Many thanks

John T says:

This is really good advice. On video my body was rising up on my backswing and I couldn’t figure out how to stop rising even though I knew it was happening. Finally, the left shoulder moving down fixed this problem. My ball striking, distance is much better now as well. I think this move also puts you in better plane at top of backswing.

Ball Striker says:

I love the intro tune 🙂

Ball Striker says:

One great drill to learn how to make the correct amount of shoulder turn is to make a back swing with your left hand on a club only. Go as far as your body allows you, by turning your left shoulder wide. You will feel tightness in the back, that means your BS is done. Beware of the right arm as it can make you over swing and lose that tight feel.

Lee Everest says:

Really like this tip. My left arm is not straight; this is more because I’m not doing what you show in the vid rather than simply trying to keep it straight. Impossible for me to keep straight since my turn is cut off far short from where it needs to be. Thx

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