Golf Channel Instructor Search Audition – Ron Sisson, Real Swing Golf

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Ron Sisson’s Audition Video for the Golf Channel’s Instructor Search Competition. Please feel free to leave your comments for feedback! This video outlines t…


LearnTheRealSwing says:

Striking a golf ball is a stationary ball, hand-eye coordination skill.

This requires you to focus on swinging the CLUBHEAD and guiding the CLUBHEAD’S path through the ball. Your usual body oriented swing thoughts – keep HEAD still, turn SHOULDERS, etc… – are actually CAUSING YOUR MISHIT SHOTS!

Most golf instruction ignores the only thing that has any effect on the ball – the CLUBHEAD – and distracts you with confusing body-focused swing thoughts.

Agree or disagree??? PLEASE COMMENT!!!

jeloro1 says:

You sir you, you sir, you’re good. 5 years thinking in golf 20 hours a day. really obsession about the swing. I broke more than 10 clubs in frustration. same days I couldn’t even lift the ball of the ground because I had paralysis by analysis.
Your first video was the answer (10 years old kid) I love it. Now I going to play with my 16 handicap and I enjoy like a 10 years kid. and when I hit a bad shot I gave the same value as a 10 years kid would gave to it.
I don’t know how say thank you.

LearnTheRealSwing says:

Your new found attitude is thanks enough for me. My job as a Golf Coach is to make the game fun and enjoyable for people so when I get feedback that golfers are actually “playing” golf (what did we do all day between the ages of 2 and 10? Play!) instead of “working/analyzing/tearing my hair out in frustration” golf, that is the reason I do what I do and love doing it. Thank you. For any of you confused about the “10 year old kid” reference, that is in PT 1 Real Swing Golf explained.

xhibit25 says:

I am amazed at how easy you make this sound. Can’t wait to get the dvd after watching all 8 videos in the series. Here’s to hoping you do some clinics in Florida, or become the next Golf channel instructor and spend some time in Orlando so I can get lessons.

BernardPY says:

Thank You Ron! Finally, golf instruction that speaks to me!

I know I have a good, fluid and fast no-ball practice swing, but I can rarely put it on the ball. After more than 35 years of play, I’m still stuck around 16 index. I have read and re-read “Swing the clubhead” by Ernest T. Jones, and he says to do it, but not how to do it. That heavy circle image of yours is very compelling.

See my other comment for part 2

BernardPY says:

I live in Eastern Canada, and can’t just go visit you on a whim. I have watched your golf Channel submission and all eight videos.

I’m fairly proficient at the first and second skills, when there is no ball to hit.
My problem is that my feel disappears when there is a ball to hit. I tense up and blank out. I tend to overcontrol the club and guide it toward the ball.

Are there additionnal ideas in your DVD (over the eight Youtube videos) that could help me?

anisoboy says:

Too bad you can’t spend some quality time with Ron; most of his lessons focus on the mental game. Golf-lesson vacation?

When I am stuck in this mode, I try to ignore the ball during my actual swing. On the tee, I look at the grass behind the ball and do a “practice” swing that skims just above the grass and hits ball on the follow through. On the fairway, I aim my swing at the ground in front of the ball. Not ideal, certainly, but it can break the psychological barrier for me.

BernardPY says:

Thanks for the tips anisoboy. I’ll try them. As for a golf-lesson vacation, I’m not saying no, if I get desperate enough 😉 Ron Sisson’s way of teaching is striking a chord with me. Those Aeroplan Miles have to be used for something!

Yardener28 says:

I hope you win. it is only common sense that if someone tries to keep their head still, shift their weight…. That is what they will accomplish at best, instead of what they really wanted to do which was hit the ball on the green.

JuliusJueLi says:

100% agree. I am now practicing with very relax arms and low grip pressure. And yes, I have made several great shots in my golf career. That feeling of the clubhead and swing is amazing.

timfrost08 says:

You’ve just instantly become my new favorite golf instructor………… very unique and a bit zany and definitely talking my language……….. thinking mechanics and ‘tips’ ruined my game until I grabbed a 3 iron blade and retrained myself to take full, fluid, smooth SWINGS!

I would love to put you and Moe Norman in a room together…… I’m sure it would be interesting.

N LS says:

Ron, I vow to watch this and do it daily until it sinks in.

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