Golf Basics Can Help Impact Build Your Golf Swing

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IIAmzazZ says:

Something i struggle with is putting grip, do you grip it like a normal
club? (with the interlocked fingers) or is it different? any answers would
be appreciated or if Mark sees this do a video on this and puttting

9tube1 says:

Mark, your ability to duplicate that golfer’s swing faults was eerily
spot-on! Not many golf pros possess that rare capability. I bet you are a
sensational one-on-one teacher. 

Ralph Blosat says:

I saw a tip on the golf channel that this person was having. I saw that
his right foot is pointed out. This is what I was told to be a problem and
cause the ball to hook. If the foot is straight than out this will help in
his swing as well.

Charlie McClarron says:

Hey Mark, great video! Check your facebook messages, I sent you something
rather interesting to cast your eye over!

Charlie Zhu says:

Mark are you wearing the new fj dryjoy casuals shoes?

mjgrasso76 says:

I can imagine all your followers in other parts of Europe and North or
South America thinking …. “Cricket, what the hell is cricket?” Being an
Aussie, I understand exactly where you are coming from!

Duy Tang Golf says:

Thanks for the videos! and Wow that’s an impressive reenactment of his

speedinon says:

Great analysis on what may be your most challenging video sent in yet. It’s
much easier to make swing changes while you’re young and not so ingrained
with bad habits.

Sir Jimmy Saville says:

There’s got to be time you feel like saying, just give it up lad

Paul Piccini says:

Hey Mark, since finding you on YouTube and now I have your iphone app.
Love the lessons. Great sound advice. Also your playing lessons are not
only entertaining but fantastic for picking up hints for course management.

Paul Piccini says:

Subscribe too Mark and his lessons, if your a mid to high handicap golfer,
you learn a lot 

Samuel Neill says:

Mark could you do a video on putting please I struggle with that the most

Mark Crossfield says:

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