Golf Backswing Coil Speed – How Fast?

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Golf Backswing Coil Speed – How Fast?

Coiling is a vital element in the backswing. Although a smooth, easy swing is better than a fast, tight backswing you can coil back too slowly.

If you coil back too slowly, you run the risk of not coiling enough or to your maximum. If you are not fully coiled, you will lose both power and consistency.

Watch this tip and understand that your backswing coil should be both smooth and fast enough to allow your bodies momentum to get you to coil to your maximum. Once you know your maximum allow the speed of your coil to get you there consistently into the future.

The backswing coil is just one part of the swing but it’s a very important part in that it allows you to use your body as the power source not just your hands and arms. Once you can get the body powering the swing you will finally develop that powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing that you have been looking for.

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