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Close PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of meandmygolf …


Jay Smooth says:

Fantastic vids guys! I wish I could afford to cross the pond and get a
person to person lesson from you two. I really like your teaching style.
Couple things, one, could you guys make more vids for low h caps about game
and course management? Second, have a go at my swing on my channel. Let me
know what you think I could improve upon. I haven’t posted more recent
vids, but my current swing is the same without the wrist roll on the
takeaway. Thanks and keep the excellent vids coming.

Charles Balce says:

Pretty much hold the triangle..Correct?

Chifundo Banda says:

Another great video, I love the special effects on all the vids.

Rajan Jha says:

Even I have similar problem of weight shift and embarrassingly find my full
weight on my back foot at the end of a drive. In fact I get pushed back at
times. Will try the drill you suggested. Thanks.

pendo dave says:

I have both these issues, so it’s double stamps day for me. Like the look
of the headcover drill.

I came to these from the crossfield challenge, does he get a cut of future

adityo pratomo says:

Thanks guys, good video as usual 🙂 actually i’m still working on a proper
weught shift drill. I’ll gonna try this tomorrow at the range 😀


You guys rock!!!

Thumper15 says:

GREAT swing review/lesson (as usual)…excellent breakdown of the swing and
corrections needed…some things to think about in my own swing…thanks

Merdad M. says:

Excellent Video guys! Many thanks to the both of you

RITH5150 says:


MrDiezel72 says:

gr8 swing Andy , love your finish position . 

Aaron Petruski says:

Very nice in addressing one issue at a time, keeping the feedback simple.
I did have a lesson where the pro did describe what should happen with the
right foot action, as you did. Getting weight on the left seems like a
super simple action, but it took over a year for me to get it. 

Alex Walker says:

Thanks guys. I have played baseball my whole life and am new to playing
golf, that foot motion you are saying not to do looks similar to that of a
baseball swing, explains one of the many problems with my game.
This will help alot. Appreciate it !

suracidik17 says:

I’ve had an improper backswing since high school and didn’t even realize it
until now 8 years later.. Helped lots already in just a few swings.. Thank

dennis bean says:


Rene Garduno says:

thank u :)

อภิชาติ เริงนิสัย says:

good drill

Paul Young says:

For sure!

Ninja_Prime says:

Great advise, I have the same problem with my right foot, now I know how to
correct it with some simple drills.. cheers guy’s

douglas o'keeffe says:


Eric Echeverry says:

Thanks, guys!

Danny Kopp says:

so for the driver you want to keep the shaft of the club pointed at the
body longer and for irons you dont want to keep it pointed as long?

John Roche says:

Your view on starting the backswing by pulling the right shoulder behind as
the first move in tandem with the one piece takeaway would be appreciated.
Thanks. John

Mike Crawford says:

You guys do a great job here. The back foot has help me so much and I’ve
noticeably added more distance to all my clubs especially my driver.
Starting the down swing and a couple of your transition videos were equally
valuable! Once again great job!

eddie brown says:

Great advice guys, as usual. Was wondering if that move back with the left
shoulder will lead to a better weight transfer? My miss is a pull,
pull-draw…thanks and keep up the great work.

Don Geo says:

Everyone talks about power when its consistency that wins. Weight shift
leads to consistency and the bonus is power..

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