Glass Blown Open – 2012 “The Wind Putt” (Music Overlay)

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During the 2012 Glass Blown Open in Emporia, KS, players were faced with a very challenging wind all weekend. 30-40 mph gusts had discs dancing all over the …


xIUBUNTUIx says:

thats a stupid comment from a stupid person

davetherocketguy says:


TheBossDiscGolfer says:

Actually they make Blizzard Champion Pigs, Factory Seconds. Type it in. I
guarantee you’ll find it.

Scott Emigh says:

I don’t think he has played period.

yeazle michael says:

whats with every body and trying to be so epic with the fucking music

thepankdalphin says:


TLOgin Hazed says:

+34 glide

nsschmid says:

At least it didn’t go in the lake

Kahuna Cazares says:

Dang that’s some mean wind

mark carlson says:

no risk no reward

Ferrignohh says:

discraft Zone FTW

Ben Noyes says:

-turns body in attempt to turn disc with his mind

Steve Hansen says:

Your average day at Edwards AFB Mojave Greens…

Kyrie Tighe says:

its hard playing in wind like that

TheClonan says:

thats hilarious

Chris Davies says:

Indeed. I won the South Island Masters by doing this on about half the
holes throughout the tournament, which was excessively windy. This guy,
whoever he was, COULD have been shooting for an equalizer to force a
playoff, but that would be the only situation I would ever attempt to sink
a putt from that distance in that amount of wind.

jubuttib says:

You can throw the upside down driver into the basket too if you want. =)
Besides, that isn’t windy. Check out a video called “tuulinen päivä
meri-toppilassa” if you want to see real wind putting. =)

Luke Freeman says:

Was that a Blizzard putter?

cydisc says:

You gotta at least try.

Nathan Iskowitz Alex Correia says:

thats when you have to bust out the best putter ever its called the nuke os

Guitarlover762 says:

that is awesome, lol

Monzderi says:

Fake, Wind has no effect on discs! And that’s 100% true story.

Lee Letts says:

Spin in the wind….

riverSKYeagle says:

I played in this!!!!! First triple circle 9 I have ever taken (at Country
Club temp dg course actual ball golf course), this video was at Municipal
Temporary Disc golf Course on a ball golf course. DO NOT BELIEVE THE
DESCRIPTION, those were not 30-40 mph gust try 45-50…

mamman60 says:

should prolly throw more stable. damn

Phil Yang says:

That was kind of unexpected lol That lady looked pretty freaked.

livinloud840 says:

im thinking he took a 6ish, maybe a 7

Dan FitzRandolph says:

Think it’s better with the raw audio. Hearing how silly the wind is there
really enforces how tough the conditions were.

five2loves42 says:

What was that about a ’70 blow back? Crazy wind!!

TheBossDiscGolfer says:

They make Blizzard champion Pigs factory second and sell them at the Innova
pro shop.

Nate leach says:

this is when i would have used the zone for my putt. thats crazy

adamace555 says:

That lady is Kristina Gold Top Advanced-Open from Tx,,,I think she wanted
to laugh actually

sthomas128 says:

upside down driver, slide it up to the basket, take your stroke and move

Esco66801 says:

lol so you havent played in kansas?

Dirty Mitten says:

I thought my computer was about to blow up, then i realized it was just a
shitty song

jdgolfs247 says:

Amen. Nice to see someone see it that way.

Monzderi says:

lol indeed

Alex Hurd says:

dat wind…

Benjamin Zomberg says:

Why you never go disc golfing in high wind situations. You will never get
to the basket.

Glass Blown Open – 2012 “The Wind Putt” (Music Overlay)

Shawn Hillman says:

Poor Phil

Cody Tittle says:

Haha did he make the next one??

brad huddleson says:

I would have spin putted big time. Lol that’s insane. 

Wooden Impact Discgolf says:

Der Wind, der Wind, das himmlische Kind… ;))

…a real #DiscGolf #WTF Moment! 

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