GG's Flawless Putting Stroke Tempo Drill

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When we think about the speed of our golf swing, many golfers never consider the speed of the swings they take during their putts.

While they may have developed incredible aiming precision in their short game, many golfers simply lack balance and control the the speed of their putting stroke.

George Gankas golf instruction has taken the golfing community by storm as the GG Swing Method has grown a worldwide following among golfers from all skill sets.

While the GG Swing Method can be considered unorthodox in many respects where compared to other programs, the results of George Gankas golf training cannot be denied.

Though players most definitely devote time to the aim of their putts, speed control often becomes an afterthought during short game practice drills.

However, players that have mastered the tempo in their putting stroke can attest to the immediate improvements that these adjustments have had over their entire short game golfing abilities.

The speed of our putting stroke results heavily from the length of our stroke and the stroke’s overall tempo.

Most of golf’s top putters maintain a consistent speed for each stroke they take while putting.

While the length of their strokes can show slight variations, the speed never changes which creates the consistent tempo needed to sink more holes with a lot less effort.

Maintaining consistent tempo will provide an increased control over the outcome of putt shots to the benefit of the golfer.

Gankas and other top golf coaches view the putting process in terms of beats per minute when optimizing a player’s swing tempo.

It has been shown that most successful golfers are putting on pace with no higher than 95 beats per minute, with 80 bpm being ideal for many.

Gankas suggests that his players practice their swing tempo before determining the bpm that works best for their putts, but when they find it – keep it consistent.

Practicing our putting at the same tempo always will help golfers achieve their goals in regards to the optimization of their stroke and short game technique.

Golfers new to the practice of putting to a beat will definitely have questions before starting the drill, which George explains in detail during the attached video.

Most players begin their putting stroke upon hearing beat number one.

Once beat number two sounds, players strike their ball, holding their swing finish through beats 3 and 4.

Once a player has become accustomed to putting on beat, variance in their stroke length will become the new focus of their practice putting, which will now benefit from having consistent tempo and stroke speed.

Be mindful that many players are rushing their tempos and simply putting the ball way too fast.

Going against the speed found naturally in gravity, many golfers are working through their downstroke much quicker than needed.


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sptt 144 says:

Excellent stuff! Never heard of the metronome drill. Love it!

S. Pettinati says:

Great stuff George!

Perry Smith says:

I’m sold. Best instructor in golf!

Doba says:

1..2…1..2…1..2 will give this a go

Barnhill Golf says:

I really enjoyed the video.

LifeOnHardMode says:

Flawless Victory!!

The Double E says:

Are you trying to start the stroke at the sound of the beat and contacting the ball at the next beat?

Jacob R says:

Great video! He mentions adjusting bpm depending on green speed. Would you also adjust for uphill/downhill as well?

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