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Have you ever wondered how to develop PERFECT shooting mechanics? How about developing dead-on accuracy? This week Tom discusses h…


GLenn Acosta says:

Hey coach, how do I get more strength to shoot with one arm? I know lifting
is one of them but I’m scared that it will effect my growth, as I’m only

Jorge Trujillo says:

Alot of the time even when i give it arc the ball always goes in and out im
improving my free throw shooting but its so frustrating

Hubert 829 says:

Hey coach, may i ask how bent our elbow needs to be when we shoot? i have
heard that the more bent, the higher the power but i just feels a bit weird
for me and i feel like i am releasing the ball too close to my head.Thanks!

Renzo Gordon says:

hey sir i’m having a problem with my shooting. i always use my left hand in
everything writing, eating, anything else but in basketball i use my right
hand even shooting i use right hand can you give me a tip how to change my
shooting form?

Kunal Moon says:

This is Kunal Moon from India
I appreciate each and every video of yours
helped me learn alot
and you guys are really doing an awesome job
due to you all, we learn alot and Basketball craze is spreading all around
RESPECT fo that

Arratay Johnson says:

I’m nearsighted yet I duck at layups and mid-range shots. So I usually do
three-pointers and most of the time I can make them easily but this will
I’ve been having trouble making just one is there something I’m doing

Burntqueso says:

Thanks! You guys are really helpful!

brice taplon says:

im tweleve and that kinda hard

Spencer Berg says:

Is the guy on the right actually using perfect form? Doesn’t look as
natural to me as it does for the person on the right. It looks somewhat

Baptiste LOHÉAC says:

I will try the technique! Thank you Shot Science Basketball! I will still
need help though.


My shot has no little to no spin and it has an offspin if it does and when
I shoot I tend to use only one hand and the other as a guide hand but it
falls away too early and leaves a funky looking shooting form any help?

maethus chaiyakhum says:

I have very flatted shot when i shoot off the dribble and i cant fix it
I dont how but when I shoot the ball like of the crossover drib or
behind the back
My shooting motion always srcews up unlik my of the catch shooting motion.

Jason Manghano says:

Coach can i ask you something ? how to improve my footwork ?
. All the time my number 1 weakness is my foot work. kindly answer my
question . Thank you god bless . 🙂 

Tha Death Row Crew says:

When I shoot I’m usually on point (accuracy wise) but It air balls like an
inch away from the rim and when I shoot with more force it goes over the
rim …..any help?

RobTheSharkie says:

thoughts on the index finger release?

MC_Gamer10 says:

Hi Sir…I just improved my shooting! thank you Shot Science Basketball! :)


Is there any drill that can improve my range?

Kunal Moon says:

To the Coach
I stand 6 feet tall
I barely miss any free throw
and i shoot three pointers from the tip of mine fingers, and miss three
pointers only if it get hitted to the back of the ring
I want you to suggest me that how shall i make mine three pointers picture
perfect and even want to increase mine shooting hand power so that i can
hit half court shots also easily as i do with mine three pointers
Video response will be appreciated much if u can

Carson Bassett says:

Ok so i always make my shots but when i release my shooting hand curls in
towards my non shooting hand. What am i doing wrong? Any way to fix it?
Does it need fixing? Again i make my shots still

Josh Cooper says:

Should i cock my wrist when i shoot?

malcolm wade says:

it’s helpful in a simple way

Samuel Jacob says:

i also seem to lunge when shooting

Eli Aponte says:

Coach tom, every time I shoot a get perfect rotation and use proper arc but
I miss what can I do to make it?

Zerge Surge says:

How come every time i shoot I putting force but ball keeps spinning and has
no power I get insulted for this i a 1 year middle school and I do t wanna.
Get insulted

TheCookedCrawdaunt says:

Im trying to change my shot just because it looks like derek fishers shot
on the right side D:

Mara Flores says:

Well to be totally honest you guys go to much in depth with so called
‘science’ it bores some people they just want to know how to shoot darn it.

Shot Science Basketball says:

We definitely recommend our shooting videos. Why in the world would we
point you somewhere else

Shot Science Basketball says:

Gregory Louis, what is the problem on your three pointers? Are they short
of the basket? Finger release is essential.

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