Gary Player Putting Tips

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Gary Player offers a great putting tip at the 2013 PGA Show.


Fairway Golfusa says:

Great video! I absolutely love Gary Players personality and enthusiasm.

TheXELURST says:

Wow Gary my all time fave guy what a player what a man and what a human being,the best golfer ever,why,because he won all his majors in another country, no other golfer can claim that!

cwugrad396 says:

common sense coupled with common sense. throw in some more common sense and nothing but genius!!

dennis bean says:

The man is amazing. I shall stop peaking where the ball goes

swellmagnet says:

What a character. Good stuff!!!

WindsurfingFilms says:

1:51 Thought the ball was the microphone, Lmfco

MimmGigg says:

Gary used to Bench 300 pounds between rounds.

adatshhc says:

Gary is Awesome!!!

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