Flying Right Elbow Golf Swing Good or Bad

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TheSagemeister says:

so true, think about another sport – snooker, look at the likes of Joe
Swale horrendous back swing but at the point of cue to ball contact he cues
straight through the ball.

Golfnovice24 says:

Fred couples makes it look real good

Andrew Huerta says:

Hi mark
I’m not a fan of slow play and I would hate to be one of those people, so I
tend to not take any practice swings. Does this effect your game ?

Mahavishnu80 says:

Ray Floyd, Eammon Darcy

hummingfish says:

So how do people find instructors with launch monitors? 

John Trubridge says:

Mark again thanks for your videos.

I agree that if it works for John and is not detrimental to his swing path
and ball contact fine stick with it.

However, I found keeping the right elbow tucked in will help keep the club
shaft angle from getting steep at the top of the back swing. This helps me
to keep the club shaft plane flatter than the hand plane encouraging a
inside path to the ball.

Try this, get to the top of the back swing and move your elbow in and out.
You will see a change in the club shaft from steep to shallow.

Works for me and has helped me to draw the ball more in my game.


Olly sussex says:

I know, no one like a smart-arse, but……what about that other Ryder Cup
legend, Ray Darcy?

MacClellandMan says:

Mark, I wish your common sense approach was more common among golf
instructors. Producing repeatable results seems more important than
creating poster boys with pretty golf form.

Paul Swindale says:

I worked on this in my lesson yesterday and I have to say it improved my
strike so much, it gave me a stronger flight and more distance almost

SuperMozzman says:

0.50 – Eamonn Darcy ?

golfninja says:

Didn’t hurt Jack Nicklaus’s game much. If it works to a high level then use
it. Questioner John says it doesn’t seem to hurt is game much. My question
to John is what level of golf do you play at? Has your game improvement
‘plateaued out’ at a level above a single digit golfer? Is your aim to
improve but at the moment but you’ve found a level you can’t get to move
past? Depends what your aims are really. If your happy where your game is
then fine. If not ‘good’ lessons to get better most likely to look at
getting your right arm into a better position. If you’re shooting par or
better already! then stick with it! As Jack’s teacher Mr Jack Grout saw it
was better to work with the ‘flying’ right elbow, more mere golfing mortals
will probably have to change though if they want to get better. 

Jay Smooth says:

This is truth. I played with a flat swing and I played some good to very
good golf with it. The only reason I decided to work at getting more in
between flat and steep is because with the flat swing I found that as a
whole it was more work and movement for me to deliver the club properly at
impact. I made the change to basically make the overall swing easier and
with less movement. I never really cared what it looked like. Like
golfninja and MC said, it really depends on if it causes you problems and
what level you are wanting to play at. A more labored swing could be a
problem for someone who is wanting to play in big local tournament with 72
holes in a few days. A swing change should only be done if you have the
time to drill it and work it out or you’re going to struggle with it. It
took me awhile to realize this, but it really depends on what you want to
do. What level of golf and is it causing you problems? With all the copy
cat swings and vanity put into the golf swing for ams, the one absolute
truth here is the old saying, “It’s not how, it’s how many.” That’s Golf,

theMANxGOLFER says:

My instructor says my elbow flies on bad swings. It leads to extra movement
and I have to compensate more on the downswing to get the club moving back
into the correct plane. He showed me where the elbow begins to come up and
I start using muscles in my back shoulder differently. Those swings result
in a much more across the line at the top angle and a out to in path.
It clearly has a negative effect on my swing, however, it can be negligible
for those who redirect their path better than myself.

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